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   Chapter 926 Meeting Laney Again

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"She is the owner of this house now. It would surprise her to see you here," Woods said playfully.

"Wait! I thought you wanted me to keep a low profile. The fewer people who know who I am, the better, isn't it?" Rocky asked, confused at Woods' sudden suggestion.

"You're right, of course. At present, not only is the Qi Clan keeping an eye on you, but several princes are also inquiring about you everywhere they go. To prevent them from learning your true identity, I suppose it's necessary for her to know who you really are," Woods explained his reasoning.

"Then, what is your plan?" Rocky asked with a quirked brow.

"Haven't you noticed there's a difference between this place and other whorehouses?" Woods recounted with a smile.

Rocky scowled, understanding why Woods had brought him here.

"Stop looking at me like that! Yes, this is not just a whorehouse for dignitaries and distinguished people to have fun. It is an important stronghold Alyssa set up to collect information, similar to what we had in Evian City. The difference is that the clients here are our own people," Woods lowered his voice while looking around.

"Therefore, it's necessary for her to know what's going on. Then she will pay extra attention when people talk about you. We can learn who is interested in you and who is investigating you," Woods elaborated.

His words sounded reasonable. Rocky had attracted a tremendous amount of attention in the Timber Deity Empire. People tended to regard him as one of the Cao Clan after he helped them defeat the Qi Clan and hold on to the seat of first clan in the Timber Deity Empire. In many people's eyes, Rocky was too important to the clan. If anyone were looking for trouble or planned on defeating the clan, they had to know more about Rocky first.

In other words, Rocky's situation was more precarious than he had initially thought. Especially after the Timber Deity Empire's emperor announced that he would be choosing one of the princes to be his successor. Although the Cao Clan had yet to plead their support to a particular prince, the princes would inevitably seek them out to win them over.

"I see. But I don't think it's a good idea for her to see me now." Rocky shook his head with a bitter smile. If Woods learned that his relationship with that woman was much clo

e flashed a lascivious smile. "Oh, please excuse my rudeness. I shall pay more attention to my words the next time. I wouldn't want to offend you. But you must promise to have dinner with me tonight and after that, we can enjoy each other's company."

Laney mentally rolled her eyes. Even though she didn't want to, it was her job. Besides, she was very familiar with the oldest prince's temper. If she refused, it would inevitably cause trouble. Therefore, she stole a glance at Woods before responding to Algy. "Laney, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine," Woods cut in.

"Really? And who would that be?" Laney asked softly.

Woods immediately stepped aside and turned to look at Rocky, who was still sitting on the chair.

Laney felt her heart miss a beat when she caught the familiar face. Not only did she have a hard time forgetting it, she dreamed of this face every night when she went to sleep. Now he was here, under the same roof, smiling at her.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, unable to find the proper words to say, fixing her wide-opened eyes on that man.

"Laney, I'm afraid you're busy now. It would be rude for you to neglect your client like that!" Algy interrupted, too impatient to have this beauty upon in his arms.

Laney, on the other hand, acted as if she hadn't heard him. She headed towards Rocky and stopped right in front of his table, running her eyes over him from head to toes. To everyone's surprise, she bent over and reached out a hand to touch his face, as if she wanted to make sure whether he was real.

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