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   Chapter 924 The Whole Arena Went Crazy

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"Do you think Robin can win? I think the odds are stacked against it," Woods remarked with a hint of concern. Although he did not often come to the beast arena, he had heard about the strength of the Ghost Lion. Only a few spirit-manipulated beasts at the same level or higher could defeat it, let alone beasts at a lower level.

"I think you're just worried about the 100, 000 taels of gold," Rocky teased. Of course, he knew that 100, 000 taels of gold didn't mean much to a prince like Woods, and that Woods was genuinely worried that Robin was no match for the Ghost Lion.

However, if Woods knew that Robin just appeared weak and that it hadn't used its real power yet, he would not think so.

Hearing Rocky's words, Woods grinned. Since Rocky seemed quite confident, he said nothing more. Instead, he turned to his men and asked them to bet on Robin.

The Ghost Lion strode forward majestically and, as soon as it reached the center of the arena, rose several meters into the air and hovered there. It lowered its head and focused its eyes on Robin, like a falcon that had targeted its prey and would attack it at any time.

When the sound of the bell rang, the Ghost Lion suddenly swooped down from the air and opened its mouth with a harsh roar. Then, it shook all over, causing the countless tiny spikes like fine silver needles on its wings to rain down like arrows.

Each spike was coated with a layer of smooth and transparent venom, so any beast that was pierced by one of these spikes would immediately be poisoned.

Fortunately, Robin seemed to be aware of the venom on the spikes and spared no effort to dodge them.

Thanks to its agile body and extremely fast speed, it managed to escape the attack from the Ghost Lion. However, the latter still had the upper hand. From this distance, Robin had no way of attacking the Ghost Lion, but the Ghost Lion could easily attack Robin, or at least corner it.

If Robin wa

acks. However, after being provoked, it had instinctively lost its rationality and wanted to beat its opponent at once. In other words, it had been fooled by Robin.

After the Ghost Lion swooped closer, it delivered several rounds of attack but failed to hurt Robin. Then, something astonishing happened. Robin, which had dodged all of Ghost Lion's attacks, suddenly bent its legs and pulled its whole body taut. The next moment, it leaped high off the ground like an arrow, soaring into the air until it was more than ten meters above the ground. It was as if it had broken free of gravity. All the spectators had their mouths open in shock after witnessing Robin's unbelievable ability.

When Robin reached its peak, it seemed to pause in the air for what seemed like several seconds, and the crowd collectively held their breath. Then, Robin came back down. With its momentum, it rushed down at the Ghost Lion like a cannonball.

The Ghost Lion, which could not predict Robin's attack at all, froze in confusion.

Before it could react, Robin crashed straight into it, ramming it into the ground and sending dust flying everywhere.

When the dust finally settled, people could only see a deep pit in the ground.

The whole arena went crazy after seeing such an unpredictable match.

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