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   Chapter 923 A Fierce Battle

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"It's a the third grade of the four-star level steel armored crocodile. It's good with both attack and defense. Seems like this will be a challenge for Robin." Rocky turned serious once he noted Robin's opponent.

When the spectators saw Robin remain on the stage, they were surprised. At the level of three-star, Robin was about to start a battle with a four-star level opponent. There was a one-star gap between their levels. No matter how good Robin could perform, there was a huge difference in levels. So in their opinion, Robin was definitely no match for the steel armored crocodile. It was like striking a stone with an egg.

So, the royal family members and several princes took this opportunity to bet a fortune on the steel armored crocodiles. Yes, Robin had surprised them with its magnificent performance just now. However, its previous opponent was only a three-star level one with ordinary strength. It didn't matter how well it performed before, facing a four-star steel armored crocodile was not the same. No matter what, it was doomed to lose this fight.

As soon as the steel armored crocodile saw Robin, it sensed its weakness. So it became much more ferocious, sped up, and whirled around. Its three giant spear-like tails swept in all directions, fiercely attacking Robin.

Noticing the steel armored crocodile's rapid attack, Robin didn't step back. It went straight ahead towards its tails.

This was undoubtedly suicide in the eyes of the spectators.

The spear-like tails spun at top speed, dazzling Robin, making it difficult for it to see them clearly. Moreover, three swift strikes would be impossible for Robin to withstand. Even it could take the first blow, the other two blows were enough to take it down.

The two beasts collided with a loud crash. The potent force spread around,

pikes. There was a pair of huge fleshy bat-like wings on its back, and its body was much smaller than Robin's. But no one in their right mind would think the Ghost Lion was weak.

The Ghost Lion could secrete a strong paralyzing poison. As a result, anyone affected by it would soon fall numb. If hit three times in a row, his body would be unable to move, and in the end, he would be slaughtered.

So, defeating it would be difficult.

And as soon as the Ghost Lion appeared, it immediately caused a large sensation. Everyone knew that the Ghost Lion was a natural winner used to winning every battle in the beast arena, only being defeated a few times. This would be one lethal interaction.

Many people started quickly putting a lot of money on the Ghost Lion. That, again, included some members of the royal family and some princes.

"How much can I bet?" Rocky turned to look at Woods and asked.

"That depends on the odds. Now the odds of Robin are one to three, and the highest bonus is 300, 000 taels of gold. So you can bet 100, 000 taels of gold at most," explained Woods.

"Then bet 100, 000 taels of gold on Robin for me," a sly smile curled over Rocky's face as he said with conviction.

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