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   Chapter 921 The Competition

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"My sister is an honorable woman. Although she supports me, her decisions will always be fair and will not be partial towards me. If she thinks I am not capable enough, then she will not help me ascend to the throne. Therefore, I have to rely on myself. My sister told me you would stay in the Timber Deity Empire for some time. You can help me while you're here." Woods became excited. He could make use of Rocky's help before he returned to the Holy Dragon Empire. He trusted Rocky, and he believed that Rocky could aid in his career.

"All right." Rocky agreed. Anyway, he also needed Woods to help him. So, it would be a fair deal.

Together, they got on the carriage and left.

Along the way, Rocky explained his plan to Woods. It was brief, but Woods was clever enough to see the big picture right away. He saw through Rocky's plan and discerned his grand ambition hidden in the plan. He knew that if his plan succeeded, it would shake the Wild Spirit Land, and Rocky would have an unimaginable influence over the entire land.

"So you want me to help you secretly?" Woods asked as he understood the meaning behind Rocky's words.

"Yes. With your help, this plan will be carried out smoothly. The sooner we carry out the plan, the better," Rocky replied.

"Sure! I'm in!" Without thinking about it, Woods agreed to help Rocky. He was convinced that if Rocky's plan succeeded, it would boost his chance in ascending to the throne. Rocky was right. He would benefit greatly from his plan.

"As for the details, I will just write it down and give it to you later. Once I return to the Holy Dragon Empire, make sure you do everything as planned. Be careful, we cannot afford to make a mistake," Rocky continued.

Woods nodded his head in agreement.

Before long, the carriage finally arrived at the north side of the capital. It passed through the high walls that extended from west to the east and halted at a magnifice


"Everyone has a weakness. As long as we find their Achilles' heel, everything will come easy," Rocky said firmly.

Just then, the audience began to cheer in the beast arena.

"The competition begins," Woods said.

Rocky fixed his eyes into the center of the beast arena. In the middle of the large open space, two ferocious spirit-manipulated beasts came face to face. They were both at the third grade of the four-star level, and their strength was equivalent to that of a spirit manipulator of the Heavenly Stage.

"Does it have any rules?" Rocky asked with interest.

"There is one rule. The master of the spirit-manipulated beast is not allowed to command the spirit-manipulated beast. This is a battle between spirit-manipulated beasts," Woods replied.

"Just like beasts fighting by instinct?" Rocky asked.

"The spirit manipulators of the royal family chose the game to be this way to inspire the potential of the spirit-manipulated beasts. Of course, there are risks. Spirit-manipulated beasts might get hurt by accident. Or worse, they die," Woods said with a smile.

Rocky's eyes lit up as he asked, "Can everyone take part in the game?"

"Yes. All you need to do is sign up. Are you interested?" Woods smiled. He could tell what was on Rocky's mind.

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