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   Chapter 920 Training Robin

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"Well, I will spend only two days finishing it. I can't be beaten by her even if I die..." Queenie, clenching her teeth, gave a glare at Rocky and then fetched the body of the spirit-manipulated beast. She started her training again.

Witnessing her take the bait so easily, Rocky couldn't help but shake his head and smile before leaving Queenie behind.

His experiments on refining the spiritual crystals and the larvae were already on the right track. It would take some time to verify the results. So in the meantime, Rocky planned on how to train Robin effectively to strengthen it in combat.

The transformation happened not too long ago. Although Robin had adapted to its body, it still had little to no actual combat experience which was crucial in the early development of all spirit-manipulated beasts. It was very important because many spirit-manipulated beasts evolved during combat.

However, Robin couldn't improve its skills in such a short amount of time by just ordinary means. Rocky needed to remain in the Cao Clan for the meantime and couldn't go too far away. Thus, he needed to figure out how to train Robin as best as he could by working with what he had.

Rocky planned on using the Cao Clan's resources.

Suddenly, a disciple of the Cao Clan appeared in front of him, cupped his hands together and said, "Mr. Rookie, here you are. The sixth prince wanted to see you immediately!"

"Okay." Rocky nodded and followed the disciple.

Before long, Rocky saw Woods in the hall and, of course, Lucilla.

When Lucilla saw Rocky enter, she immediately felt slightly awkward. She reminisced on the shameful day when she seduced him and kissed him fiercely. On top of that, she was drunk at that time, so her ghastly appearance was seen by Rocky, which m

do, so going up against him will be quite a challenge!" Although Woods only met Alston once, he could immediately tell that Alston was dishonest and despicable.

"So once I return to the Holy Dragon Empire, I'm afraid I'll have quite a difficult battle to fight," Rocky responded with sharp eyes.

"I'm afraid Alston doesn't think you're still alive. I'd be interested in seeing the look on his face once he sees you…" Woods uttered with a playful smile.

"Now that you're here, I'll tell you my plan," Rocky said.

"Before that, I'd like us to visit somewhere first." They had already walked out of the gate of the Cao Clan when Woods pointed to the carriage outside.

"Where are we going?" asked Rocky.

"Today, several princes will attend the royal family's beast fighting game. I want you to know them first and advise me on which brother I'm going to deal with first; besides Geoffrey, my greatest opponent, of course. I'll fight him until the last minute," Woods answered.

"Don't you have your sister? Are you still afraid of Geoffrey?" Rocky asked, puzzled. If Woods had Alyssa's support, then the other princes, including Geoffrey, should pose no threat to him.

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