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   Chapter 918 The Spiritual Crystal Refinement

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Soon after, he continued his genetic modification experiment on the two larvae and didn't leave his Magic Spiritual Space until noon. Once he returned to his house, he witnessed Queenie dismember the body of a spirit-manipulated beast.

"Wow, now you're quite skillful at that," Rocky remarked as he raised the corner of his mouth. With a sense of accomplishment, Queenie proudly replied, "Humph! It's a piece of cake!" She seemed to forget that, yesterday, she was actually quite disturbed by the corpse of the spirit-manipulated beast. If it wasn't for Rocky's careful guidance, she wouldn't have mastered dissecting so quickly.

"Hmmm. Remind me again who was vomiting at the beginning yesterday?" Rocky deliberately teased.

"Not me!" Queenie stubbornly refused to admit her loss of composure yesterday.

"I never said it was you!" he retorted with a snicker.

"I think you need a punch in the gut!" she threatened angrily with a raise of her fist.

"That's all for today. You can go home now." Rocky shrugged and smiled.

"Aren't you going to teach me anything else?" Queenie immediately felt unhappy when she heard he was dismissing her.

"I have another matter to attend. Our lessons will continue tomorrow," he replied with a deep, serious look in his eyes.

Queenie could do nothing but cast a glare at him before leaving the room.

Once she left the room, Rocky began to prepare to refine the spiritual crystal.

The reason why he taught her how to dismember a spirit-manipulated beast corpse was to save him the trouble of having to dismember the bodies himself. In addition to the one body he dissected yesterday, Queenie dissected an additional two bodies. This would be enough to refine the spiritual crystal.

The internal organs, flesh, and other parts of the three corpses were classified and placed into several large pots. Next, these materials would putrefy into liquid.

While the natural decaying of corpses normally took at least a few days, Rocky didn't have much time. He extracted a chemical substance from certain plants and then injected it

y does he collect so many corpses?" As Lucilla heard that, a confused expression spread across her face.

"I'm not sure about that." Thomas shook his head.

"You may leave now," Lucilla ordered with a wave of her hand.

Shortly after he left, a disciple of the Cao Clan quickly walked in with a crimson invitation letter.

"This is..." She took a glance at the disciple and then fixed her eyes on the red invitation letter.

"Chief, the Qi Clan sent this," the disciple replied immediately before handing it over to her.

Lucilla took it and read it carefully.

"Humph! The Qi Clan truly is a wolf in sheep's clothing! How dare they plot against us while inviting Mr. Rookie so blatantly?" Lucilla's face soon turned as red as the letter out of anger. As she put down the invitation, she used a bit of her spiritual power to reduce it to a pile of paper scraps. The Qi Clan wanted Rocky to attend their banquet, and the purpose of this feast served was self-evident enough.

"Do not let anyone find out about this, especially Mr. Rookie." She couldn't risk any chance of Rocky having contact with the Qi Clan.

The disciple nodded at once and withdrew.

Then, Lucas came in. He noticed that Lucilla didn't look well, so he immediately asked, "Chief, what happened?"

Lucilla told him about the Qi Clan's invitation. This enraged Lucas too, his face now dark with anger.

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