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   Chapter 916 A Breakthrough

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Whether the larvae of the Dark Heaven Insects could complete their gene modification and break through to the next level was crucial, and it was also the primary objective of Rocky's experiment.

In the blink of an eye, a few hours passed. Outside of the Magic Spiritual Space, the moon was shining brightly in the sky with stars twinkling around like diamonds.

When he finally finished his work and called it a day, Rocky walked out of the Magic Spiritual Space, rubbing his temples. He ordered the Rainbow Glow Unicorn to return before heading back to the house. But when he got there, he was surprised to find someone who was up as late as he was.

'Why hasn't she gone to sleep yet?' he wondered. Queenie was sitting there with her forehead wrinkled in concentration. She was busy with dismembering the body of a dead spirit-manipulated beast. But because she had just begun her study on it, the body looked grotesque, with all its internal organs scattered around.

He had intended to watch her from a distance, but when he saw her fumbling around helplessly, he could not help but let out a laugh.

Upon hearing the sound of his laughter, Queenie came to her senses and raised her head. Her face immediately soured when she saw who was in front of her.

"That's enough for today. Go and take rest," Rocky said, the smile on his face disappearing.

"No!" Queenie shook her head in a huff and then lowered her eyes to the body of the beast again. She refused to believe that she wouldn't be able to finish it today.

"If you go on like this, I'm afraid that you won't be able to dismember the carcass until dawn," Rocky remarked.

"It's none of your business," Queenie replied, slightly pouting. She was only in this embarrassing situation now because of Rocky, so she wouldn't be tricked by him, even if he was pretending to be nice to her now.

Rocky chuckled to himself. Since Queenie insisted on struggling on, he felt obligated to help her out. After a moment of hesitation, he strode forward.

"Here, you should star

e had to be in charge of many of the state affairs of the Timber Deity Empire. Nevertheless, her priority was still to get rid of the curse. She was so obsessed with it that she wasn't able to have a sound sleep at night. She had no choice but to squeeze out time to focus on getting rid of it as soon as possible.

Seeing the expression on Alyssa's face, Rocky waved his hand and said, "Never mind; just forget it."

"Let's go," Alyssa said flatly.

The next moment, the two of them turned into shadows and disappeared from where they were standing.

As usual, they spent the whole night cultivating together.

Alyssa tried some new methods, but still made no progress. The curse had responded during the first time they had cultivated together, but it had stopped responding after that. Needless to say, she was frustrated. Success seemed to be in sight, but it refused to come closer. Trying to remove the curse was like torture.

When they finished their cultivation and were about to return, Rocky suddenly stopped and grinned as if something had just occurred to him. "By the way, I have a small request. I wonder if Your Highness can grant it," he asked.

"You know there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whatever it is, you have to pay. I'm guessing it's something very troublesome." Noting the wide smile on Rocky's face, Alyssa grimaced.

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