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   Chapter 915 A Great Ambitious Plan

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Before Queenie could say no, Rocky added, "If you can't finish it today, don't come tomorrow!"

"How can you..." Queenie started to grumble in anger, but when she turned around, she saw that he had already left.

Thus, she could only look at the remaining bones and the blood plasma on the table with a bitter expression on her face. If she had known this earlier, she would not have been so rash. But now, it was too late. She knew that if Rocky found out, he would just laugh at her again. The only thing she did not want was to give him a reason to look down on her. She had to prove that she was better than Juey. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to swallow the humiliation.

Anyway, she knew she had no choice but to move another body of the spirit-manipulated beast to that table, and she started to work slowly, following the technique that Rocky had taught her.

After leaving the house, Rocky didn't go far, but walked along the lake to a hidden part of the woods. There, he opened the Magic Spiritual Space. He summoned the Rainbow Glow Unicorn and let it stand guard before entering the Magic Spiritual Space.

First, he went to the house where the red egg was placed and observed their growth. Although the red egg seemed to have grown a little bigger, he felt that their growth rate was slower than it used to be. Before the Beast Master Contest, he had specially traveled all over the country and collected the blood essence of more than 30 kinds of outstanding spirit-manipulated beasts to feed to the red egg. However, the results proved that the blood essence of those beasts was not as effective as that of Rainbow Glow Unicorn and Rubygon.

After pondering it over for a while, Rocky took out the drop of Alyssa's blood essence that he had "stolen" from her last time. He believed that Alyssa's blood essence must be more useful than that of ordinary spirit-manipulated beasts because of her power of the Divine Stage as well as her original physique of the spiritual race.

Rocky put the vial of Alyssa's blood essence in front of the red egg. Sens

star level of the larvae of Dark Heaven Insects was only three-star, the Dark Heaven Eggs they produced were also divided into three levels. However, even the highest level of the Dark Heaven Eggs was only suitable for spirit manipulators from the high level of the Heavenly Stage to the primary level of the Supernal Stage. Once a spirit manipulator reached the middle level of the Supernal Stage, the effects of the high-level Dark Heaven Eggs would also gradually weaken.

Of course, even so, most of the Supernal Stage masters still scrambled for the high-level Dark Heaven Eggs. After all, the Dark Heaven Eggs, which could help absorb spiritual power, were rare in the Wild Spirit Land. Although there were more superior spirit-manipulated beasts in the Wild Spirit Land similar to Dark Heaven Insects which could help with people's cultivation, it was still unusual to come across even a low-level Dark Heaven Insect, let alone high-level ones. Therefore, an extraordinary treasure like a high-grade Dark Heaven Egg was still sought after by most spirit manipulators.

Even so, Rocky was not satisfied with the result. He wanted to transform the genes of the Dark Heaven Insects to make them break through their star level limits so that the eggs they produced would be more valuable than even the current high-level Dark Heaven Eggs.

This was his great ambitious plan!

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