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   Chapter 914 Keep Learning

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"Who said that I was planning on making things difficult for you? Do you think my Beast Curing Skill is the same as practicing veterinary medicine? I am not like the other vets who just casually use mental cultivation methods once they learn them. My Beast Curing Skill is not like that. To learn it, you must start with these corpses of the spirit-manipulated beasts. If you can't even handle them, I can bet that you won't be able to get far with my Beast Curing Skill. If you don't think you can manage that, you better admit it now and leave. There's no point in wasting your time. I used to think highly of your abilities before. But it seems that I have overestimated you," Rocky said coldly.

"You are lying! You are just trying to get back at me!" Of course, Queenie refused to believe that Rocky was only testing her. He had some sort of ulterior motive.

"You're free to think what you like. Anyway, my Beast Curing Skill is not suitable for a noblewoman like you," Rocky said indifferently.

"Juey is also of noble birth. Will she still suit, then? I refuse to believe that's why you're doing this," retorted Queenie unconvinced.

"She is quite different from you. She had nothing before, not even being treated as a member of the Xiao Clan. She'd been looked down upon by everyone. Therefore, she knows exactly how to fight against adversity and is working hard on proving herself! As for you, you have been revered by others from an early age. Everyone believes that you are a genius, but you are nothing in my eyes. Perhaps you think the Beast Curing Skill will be easy to learn merely because you can evaluate beasts brilliantly. I hate to tell you this, but you are overconfident. In my eyes, you are nothing but a loser. Compared to Juey, you are a no one worth mentioning." Rocky continued his verbal attack.

Queenie's anger flared. She couldn't put up with his cruel words. Biting her pink lips tightly, Queenie glared at Rocky. For some reason, Rocky's words had driven a knife into her heart, hurting her badly. That quickly sobered her up. The worst part was, Queenie could have avoided it all by walking away and leaving Rocky alone. She wou

t tools to dismember it.

"What are you doing?" Seeing this, Queenie couldn't help asking.

"Don't you want to learn my Beast Curing Skill? I'm going to now demonstrate my basic Beast Curing Skill. You should carefully observe what I'm doing and try not to even blink." With that, Rocky took out a sharp blade and began to cut the corpse wide open. He started by taking out the internal organs one by one then shelling the skin and bones. The whole process was extremely bloody and cruel, normal people wouldn't be able to stand it.

Seeing this, Queenie couldn't help but cover her mouth. A sour taste surged up in her mouth, but she didn't want Rocky to think her weak, so she endured her discomfort.

However, the more dismembered the body got, the more horrible it looked. After Rocky broke open the head and took its brain out, the thick and sticky brain matter spilled out and flowed everywhere. Queenie felt the urge to run to the side and started vomiting violently. Her face had paled.

Rocky turned to her and said, "Do you get it now? That's more or less how the process goes. Your task today is to dismember the body of a spirit-manipulated beast. Don't be lazy!"

Queenie frowned. It was easier for her to kill a beast than to dismember it. Moreover, it was almost impossible for her to effectively dismember the body of a spirit-manipulated beast to the bone. Almost no one would be able to finish such an abominable task.

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