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   Chapter 913 This Is A Test

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Time flew quickly and before he knew it, it was already nearing dusk. Rocky had been staying in the room by the lake, and as he was relaxing in the silence, he heard some noise from outside. When he went out, he saw the steward had arrived with a group of workers, and they were pushing several big carts, which were filled with many things. There was a circular stove bigger than those stoves used to refine pills, and it was what Rocky had especially ordered. Besides those, there were also bottles, containers, and other kinds of tools. The two carts in the last row were all wrapped in cloth, but the smell that was coming from it was overwhelming. The workers had scrunched up their noses, and their faces were distorted by their pained expressions as if they were trying very hard not to breathe in the foul air.

Thomas and the workers soon finished pushing several carts out of the building.

"Mr. Rookie, will we carry all these things in?" Thomas asked respectfully once he saw Rocky standing in front of the door.

Rocky nodded, gesturing into his place.

Thomas told the workers to remove the items carefully and motioned for them to put all of it inside his room.

The workers were half-way done when a voice came from a distance. "What's the smell? It's so stinky!"

Since Rocky was standing near his door, he heard it clearly and turned his head. He saw a delicate and beautiful figure who was walking towards them with an arrogant look. Her little face was wrinkled with pride, and her tiny hands were constantly flapping in front of her nose as if she was trying to drive the bad smell away.

"Here you are!" As soon as his eyes laid on her, a bright smile flashed across Rocky's face, and he said, "Thomas, you can leave the rest there, then you can go ahead and go home."

"Aren't we supposed to move all of them in?" Thomas asked, puzzled.

"It's okay. I will handle it." Rocky flapped his hands in a dismissive gesture, and the workers could see that he was determined to send them away.

Thomas knew he had no right to question Rocky's decision, so he just led the workers away.

At the same time, the little girl walked to Rocky, pouted

en spirit-manipulated beasts. Some of their bones and muscles were completely exposed. No wonder that they smelled so awful. She immediately felt nauseous and hurried to vomit.

"What the hell?! You bastard! You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Queenie stared angrily at Rocky, feeling that she had been tricked.

"What are you doing? Move those bodies in and then freeze them..." Rocky went on to instruct her with what to do with the bodies, ignoring her violent reaction.

"Do you want me to bring these disgusting corpses in? I don't want to... No way!" Queenie refused without hesitation. She was the second daughter of the Cao Clan! And yes she could bear it if she had to move the heavy items, but this was different because Rocky was asking her to move these disgusting and rotten corpses inside. She, who had been born with a silver spoon, definitely could not stand it.

"Okay, but remember that it's you who wants to give up now. Don't blame me because I already gave you a chance. Go back now and don't come here anymore!" said Rocky ruthlessly.

"You..." Only then did Queenie realize why Rocky had said that she only had one chance. It felt like she had been duped, as he undoubtedly planned this from the beginning. She shouted angrily, "If you do not want to teach me your Beast Curing Skill, then just go ahead and say it. Don't make things difficult for me! I don't want to learn your stupid Beast Curing Skill anyway..."

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