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   Chapter 800 Youth

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"Chief is here!" A scream from the outside interrupted them.

All of them nearly jumped out of their seats and peered out.

Before their eyes was a charming figure who elegantly stepped into the hall. Every move showed the obvious sign of someone who came from a big clan.

Even Mary couldn't drag her eyes away from the lithe figure clad in elegant white clothes, it looked like it was shining on her smooth skin and made her look even more charming. Though her delicate face held no smile, her willow-leaf brows and sylphlike eyes sent shocks down people's spine with every coy blink. Everyone was besotted and couldn't look away for her. There wasn't any make-up on her face yet she caught their eyes. Although some of them would like to approach her, with her aura in the Supernal Stage enveloping her, no one dared to come near.

"Chief Lucilla, it is an honor to meet you..." Raef immediately politely saluted with his hands clasped in front of him.

Both Travis and Mary bowed to her.

Because this figure was none other than the chief of the Cao Clan, Lucilla Cao.

"There's no need to be so formal, Chief Raef!" As Lucilla spoke, she glided across the hall and settled down on the Heavenly Phoenix Chair and gestured to the three who remained frozen in their salute.

Almost imperceptible tremors of fear ran through their bodies as they sat down.

"This must be your daughter?" Lucilla's eyes flickered at Mary's direction.

"Yes, she is." Raef nodded.

"I've heard for a long time that the chief of the Xiao Clan has a pair of beautiful daughters. It seems the rumors are true." Lucilla's smile was breathtaking.

"Thank you for your praise, Chief Lucilla," Raef replied.

"By the way, where's Mr. Rookie? Lucas was very vocal in recommending him. I don't think I see him..." It couldn't be helped that Lucilla was curious about Rocky. After all, Lucas recommended him. She wanted to know what was it that Rocky had made Lucas admire him so much.

"He..." Raef's expression suddenly changed.

"What's wrong? Did he no

spirit manipulators at the advanced stage of the Supernal Stage and famous throughout the empire. Instead of helping, once Jacob got in trouble, they began to secretly fight for the chief position and clashed so much that they almost split the Cao Clan into two.

When Lucas saw that the Cao Clan's business that took years to build was going to be destroyed in just a few short moments, he gave Lucilla, even though she was just a young girl, the chance to be the chief of the clan. Lucas was already famous back then and even the emperor of the Timber Deity Empire appreciated him. Since Lucas backed Lucilla, the collapse halted.

Although Jacob's two brothers didn't want to submit to Lucilla, Lucas' prestige, status, and influence made them dare not rashly act. Otherwise, neither of them would get anything in the future. Even though they put up with it on the surface, they spent the past ten years secretly cultivating their own factions as they coveted the position of the family chief.

Fortunately, Lucilla was brilliant at her job even though she became the chief at the age of ten. She spent ten years of her youth rebuilding the Cao Clan's reputation and made it recover from Jacob's 'death'.

However, despite her best efforts, the Qi Clan still managed to take advantage of the events and gain the strength needed to compete with the Cao Clan.

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