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   Chapter 799 Come To The Cao Mansion

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"Chief Raef, how is it going?" asked Rocky, fixing his eyes on the chief of the Xiao Clan.

Raef looked embarrassed and hesitated to answer.

"Father..." Mary gave Raef a slight nod, signaling that he could accept Rocky's request. She thought that even if Rocky could get the formula of the Holy Life Saving Hand, it was very unlikely for him to master it.

"Well, seeing that you are very determined to learn our family Beast Curing Skill, I will impart it to you as a gift," Raef said, wincing as every word left his clenched teeth.

"As for my second condition, I want you to publicly announce that Juey will be the heir of the Xiao Clan chief." Rocky calmly uttered the astonishing request.

Every member of the Xiao Clan was dumbfounded and had their mouths agape upon hearing the second request.

Mary did not know how to react. After all, she was the intended heir, not Juey.

Of course, the one who was most surprised was Juey. She didn't expect that Rocky would ask that for her sake. She couldn't help but be deeply touched by his gesture.

Rocky put Raef in a precarious spot. On one hand, Raef believed that Juey didn't have the talent to be the heir of the Xiao Clan chief, but on the other hand, if he didn't heed Rocky's request they would be acquired by other big clans sooner rather than later.

"Father, don't agree with him. He just wants to destroy our clan." Mary pleaded to her father as she shot a glare of hatred towards Rocky.

"Mr. Rookie, you should know that Juey doesn't have the guts nor the talents to successfully lead the Xiao Clan towards a better future. Even if I do agree, most of the members don't want her as the heir!" Raef racked his brain to make up an excuse.

"That's your business. As long as you agree with these two conditions, I will go to the Cao mansion with you." Of course, Rocky would not give Raef any chance to bargain.

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or future experiments.

Three days later, the Xiao Clan led by Raef arrived at the capital and then went straight to the Cao mansion.

The Cao mansion covered a vast area in the northwest of the capital, with mountains and rivers by its side.

The mansion looked like paradise on earth. Small bridges were built over crystal-clear rivers. There were pavilions and buildings that were dwarfed by the enormous mountainside. The place was like straight from a postcard.

In the southern part of the mansion laid a magnificent siamese building which stretched a thousand meters from west to north. Here lay the power center of the Cao Clan, the Magnificent Hall. It was where the leader of the clan would deal with all kinds of affairs with hall leaders and cadres of the Cao Clan.

The Cao Clan had five halls in total. In addition to the Magnificent hall, there were the Mystery Hall, the Ghostly Hall, the Drifting Hall and, the Dragon-trapping Hall. The latter four halls were responsible for implementing and upholding orders made by the Magnificent Hall. In addition to this, all four hall leaders were immediate family members of the Cao Clan.

Raef, Travis, and Mary, were nervously sitting in the Magnificent Hall as they waited to visit the Cao Clan chief.

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