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   Chapter 798 No Intention Of Marrying Rookie

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While the entire Xiao Clan was still bewildered, Rocky took the chance to calmly walk up to Raef.

At that moment, Raef had just come back to his senses. With a face full of dread, he shot a glance at Travis, and soon after, asked someone to help Travis get up from the ground. Bowing into Rocky's presence, he said, "I sincerely apologize for what my son has done to you. Please forgive me, Mr. Rookie. I am at fault, for I did not discipline him well. I will teach him a lesson after this."

"No, don't sweat it. I did not take any offense at what he did," Rocky said calmly as he avoided meeting Travis' eyes.

Rocky's cold and merciless words struck hard, like a hard slap on Raef's face. Not knowing how to respond to the situation, Raef just let out a bitter laugh and continued to suffer in silence.

Meanwhile, the members of the Xiao Clan could not help but look at Rocky in a bizarre manner. In fact, they were quite surprised at how the man in front of them was acting. Rocky did not look like a servant who had done odd jobs and errands for the Magical Beast House. Instead, what they saw in front of them was a man with valor and power, like someone who was in a high position.

"Father..." Juey walked up and called Raef, but her expression was still as cold as ice.

"Why didn't you tell me that you and Mr. Rookie went out together? I got so worried that I have even dispatched all the disciples of the Xiao Clan to look for you. I'm worried about you, my dear daughter. I don't know what to say to your dead mother if something happened to you," acting like a good father, Raef spoke earnestly and patiently as soon as Juey stepped in front of him.

Juey could not believe what she had just heard from her father's mouth. 'Is he concerned about me? Someone must have woken up on the good side of the bed!' Juey thought. From the day she was born, her father had always shown indifference to her. Seeing her father's concern, it seemed that this was way beyond what she was used to.

But Juey was not a fool. In fact, when she noticed that her father could not keep his eyes off Rocky, she knew that her father might have thought that she had a special relationship with him. Acting like a good father was only a trick that he wanted to show Rocky.

"Father, if you think that I can persuade Mr. Rookie into attending the Beast Master Contest on behalf of the Xiao Clan, then it's a complete misunderstanding. Mr. Rookie won't listen to me. Don't bother doing this father-cares-for-his-daughter kind of thing. I know it's ju

ather marry a sow than marry you," said Rocky sardonically.

Hearing how Rocky mocked her, Mary could not help but turn red as she clenched her fists in anger.

On the other hand, the Xiao Clan members all laughed out loud upon hearing that Rocky compared Mary to a sow.

Raef felt embarrassed, too, although he knew that Rocky was just playing with him. But he chose not to provoke him as if he was Buddha. At that moment, he had no choice but to see him behave atrociously in his own mansion.

"Well, let me be straight with you. If you want me to go and meet the Cao Clan, okay, I'll do it. But there's a catch—I would have to require you to do two things for me," Rocky said seriously, with an unkind look in his eyes.

"Please go ahead, Mr. Rookie. I'm all ears." Seeing that Rocky suddenly gave away, Raef's face lit up. He leaned forward as he was eager to know what Rocky wanted him to do.

"First off, you need to give me ninth grade code of the Holy Life Saving Hand," Rocky suggested. Back when he taught Juey the Beast Curing Skill, he had done some research on the Holy Life Saving Hand. He found out that this skill was an excellent kind of Beast Curing Skill. Moreover, it was suitable enough for the treatment of spirit-manipulated beasts after surgery, relieving the pain and improving blood circulation.

Raef was stunned upon hearing Rocky's first demand. He never thought that this Rookie would be interested in their clan's ancestral Beast Curing Skill, even devising a plan for it. However, this Holy Life Saving Hand was the Xiao Clan's hereditary treasure. Moreover, passing the skill was limited to the inner members of the Xiao Clan as part of their tradition.

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