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   Chapter 797 Who Did It

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Rocky made huge progress in his Beast Curing Skill by integrating the Common Beast Medical Skill that Sheridan passed on him with his surgical skills.

When she saw that he was serious, Juey nodded immediately. Rocky was doing her a favor when he agreed to teach her such a powerful Beast Curing Skill, so how could she let him down!

"Next, I will teach you how to dissect. We will take spirit-manipulated beasts as humans, and study the function of each organ and nerve..." As Rocky spoke, he pressed one hand on the injured spirit-manipulated beast and shook his hand slightly. As a result, the beast's meridians were immediately broken, which caused the death of the beast.

Then, Rocky used his scalpel to dissect the body of the beast. The process was a little gory, and the pungent smell of blood made Juey frown deeply. However, she tried to ignore her disgust and discomfort, as she concentrated on watching Rocky's every move. She also took extra care in writing her notes.

After a short while, Rocky found that although she didn't have a special talent in beast curing, she had a good memory. She went against the stereotype that most girls with big breasts had nothing else to offer. She showed him that besides her luscious body, she was also quite intelligent, and she had no trouble remembering everything that he taught her. It sure saved him a lot of trouble.

They were so intent in what they were doing that they didn't even notice that the sun was setting. As soon as they noticed though, Rocky took her back to her room in the Xiao mansion.

When a maid caught sight of two figures in Juey's room and the dim light that was coming from inside, she immediately reported to Raef.

At once, the group of people who had been waiting anxiously in the hall hastily walked to Juey's room. There was a lightness in their steps and new hope was shining in their eyes, as they felt that a disaster had been averted.

The quiet in Juey's room was broken, as the maid came and shouted, "Miss Juey, the chief is here."

Inside the room, Juey whirled around to look at the door in alarm, then at Rocky, who was leaning against the window and gazing at the moon. She said

nt, Travis rushed forward and threw a punch directly at Rocky. His punch contained the spiritual power at the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage in it, and it whistled fast towards Rocky's face like a bullet.

However, Rocky didn't even flinch. He just slightly tilted his head, and Travis immediately missed his swing, and his fist hit air instead of Rocky's angular face. Seeing this, Travis turned his fist into a palm, and as he looked back, he launched his palm attack, about to slap Rocky on the face.

When it was about to hit Rocky, Travis suddenly stopped his attack before his face was several inches away from Rocky's face. Then, he found that he couldn't approach Rocky anymore.

Of course, everyone was extremely surprised. With a closer look, they found that Travis' hand was stopped by a single finger from Rocky. The whole counterattack seemed so easy for Rocky.

"Get away from me!" Rocky roared. Then everyone present saw Travis, as he was blown away by an invisible force, was knocked backward like a doll.

With a bang, Travis knocked into the peach tree in the courtyard, breaking the innocent tree. He fell heavily to the ground and stayed there for a long time. His clothes and face were covered with dirt, while his breathing was harsh and shallow.

He struggled for a while but didn't get up again, which took everyone by surprise. None of them had seen Rocky attack Travis, but if it wasn't him, who sent Travis flying out?

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