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   Chapter 796 Keep Learning

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To be honest, Raef couldn't care less if Juey was missing, but if Rocky didn't come back, the Xiao Clan would be in great trouble. And because he was the one who took her away, the Xiao Clan could suffer twice the loss.

"Father, I knew it! He is an evil guy who came with malicious intentions. And now, he has taken Juey away to get back at the Xiao Clan," Travis spat out with much resentment.

Raef's face turned livid with rage too. He originally thought that Rocky would temporarily stay, and the rest of the pieces would fall into place afterward. The last thing he expected was that Rocky disappeared together with his daughter. If this matter was made known to the public, the Xiao Clan's foothold in the Barren City would turn to ash. And to make matters worse, if Rocky didn't represent the Xiao Clan in the Beast Master Contest, they would lose their qualification to participate completely.

"Maybe they just went out for a while," Mary murmured hopefully after a long and awkward silence. She didn't know Rocky well, but she knew Juey well enough to tell that she wasn't this reckless. She wasn't the type of person who would do something out of the blue without thinking of the repercussions, no matter how angry she was. And if Rocky wanted to take Juey away, he could just leave with her secretly. There was no need to go back to the Xiao mansion openly and take Juey away under the noses of members of the clan.

Therefore, in Mary's opinion, it wasn't likely that Rocky had taken Juey away with no intention of coming back.

"The others would have seen them if they went out openly, but I've asked all the disciples in charge of security at that time, and none of them saw Juey or that guy when they went out. They must have left secretly, while no one was paying attention." Mary's eyebrow curved upwards when she noticed that Travis was absolutely convinced that Rocky really took Juey away.

But he was missing one important piece of the puzzle. He didn't know that it was a piece of cake for Rocky to enter and leave the Xiao mansion without leaving a trace.

"Stop arguing! Let's wait for a while first and see if they will come back." Raef breathed deeply and slowly, as he tried to calm his anxious mind. He couldn't even begin to imagine the disaster that was destined to happen to the Xiao Clan. It was impossible to escape, but he couldn't accept it yet. It was ironic how a servant, who used to do odds and ends in the Magical Beast House, had so

iant gestures.

"Sheridan? Actually, he fails sometimes..." Rocky murmured when he heard Juey's words. He remembered when Marin's and Isis's spirit-manipulated beasts were seriously injured, even Sheridan couldn't treat them. It was Rocky who healed them in the end.

"You know Sheridan?" Juey asked in surprise, unaware that the one who was standing in front of her at that moment was Sheridan's only disciple.

"Oh, don't listen to me. I am just talking nonsense." Rocky shook his head casually and changed the topic. Ever since Sheridan disappeared, he never laid eyes on him again, and he didn't know his whereabouts until now.

"Juey, you need to remember what I say and what I do, okay? They are very important, so you should take note of them," Rocky said to Juey seriously. He decided to show her the surgery and teach her the basic knowledge contained in the Common Beast Medical Skill at the same time.

The Common Beast Medical Skill was like a book of theory. It was extremely difficult for ordinary people to master it all, but no matter how difficult it was, it could be learned through plenty of practice and training. Besides, the Common Beast Medical Skill's theory could also be applied in many situations. And although the spirit-manipulated beasts were divided into different types, the basic structures of them were quite similar to each other, just like humans with different races. Thus, the theory of the Common Beast Medical Skill could be applied to spirit-manipulated beasts with high star level and low star level. And the best way to teach it to someone else was through practice and hands-on experience of surgeries.

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