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   Chapter 795 Elope With Rocky

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"Okay, I'll tell you the first two grade of the Holy Life Saving Hand's formula. But you have to promise me that you will never tell my father about it," Juey said with a guilty conscience.

After hearing Juey's terms, Rocky nodded in agreement. It was said that each kind of Beast Curing Skill had its own advantages and functions. With this in mind, he wanted to know the formula of the Holy Life Saving Hand and learn its unique features. However, the most important thing was that Sheridan had never taught him any kind of Beast Curing Skill, such as the Holy Life Saving Hand. Instead, Sheridan taught Rocky his own skill—the Common Beast Medical Skill.

The Common Beast Medical Skill was true to its mighty name. It was, as the name suggested, the medical knowledge of beast curing. Of course, such medical knowledge had gathered all of Sheridan's experiences on beast curing, including his diagnosis and treatment of many rare spirit-manipulated beasts. It was regarded as the ultimate book, such that if one wrote down all of its contents, then a masterpiece would be produced.

The Beast Curing Skill was deemed to be important to any beast curer, but a beast curer's experiences in beast curing were also invaluable. In the Wild Spirit Land, it was only Sheridan who had the experiences in curing the rare spirit-manipulated beasts. Sheridan's experiences were so rich that if normal beast curers learned even just a small part of his medical experiences, they would already benefit a lot from it.

On the other hand, Rocky had remembered every single detail of the Common Beast Medical Skill, thus having excellent theoretical experience. Besides, his surgical skills and treatment knowledge were superb. In fact, he had already mastered the perfect Beast Curing Skill. However, the time a surgery procedure took to cure a beast tended to be longer than an ordinary Beast Curing Skill required. Moreover, it needed more time for recovery. Although the surgical treatment went well, he might still face some unexpected problems along the way. In the past, he could use the magical saliva to speed up a beast's recovery time. But now that Uriah had turned into a red egg, he only had a little supply of that magical saliva. If Rocky wouldn't be able to bring Uriah back to life, then he would run out of the magical saliva for good.

In addition to that, the surgeries were mostly intended for beasts with serious external and internal injuries. However, the surgeries would not be so effective to so

t's good that you understand our dynamic. I only treat you as my sister, and I don't want you to misunderstand my words and actions," Rocky replied feeling relieved.

"In that case, can I call you Mr. Rookie from now on?" Juey nodded and asked.

"Whatever you say." Rocky didn't think much as he responded to the nickname she gave him.

"Well, Mr. Rookie, when will you teach me the Beast Curing Skill?" Juey asked in a sweet voice.

All of a sudden, Rocky got goose bumps upon hearing her statement. Juey looked a lot like Sue, but the former was deemed to be more gorgeous than the latter. At this rate, any man would be attracted to Juey without her even trying.

"Well, I'll teach you right now. I don't have much time to stay in the Timber Deity Empire, so I will teach you as much as I can. The rest will be up to you..." Rocky didn't want to waste his time either.

Upon hearing this, Juey nodded her head in agreement.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go," Rocky muttered. With one of his hands placed on Juey's shoulder, they disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The moment the two of them left, Raef sent someone to invite Rocky to have a talk. Unfortunately, the man he sent wasn't able to find them there, for they had already set off.

The Xiao Clan was panic-stricken again.

Soon after, numerous rumors about Juey and Rocky had spread throughout the Xiao Clan. Some people said that Juey might have gone to elope with Rocky. On the other hand, others guessed that maybe Rocky was the one who swindled Juey away. At that time, more and more speculations were being exchanged by the members of the Xiao Clan about what had happened to them.

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