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   Chapter 745 Not In The Same League

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7209

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Rocky had been staying in the Magical Beast House for three days. During daytime, he had done some chores; and at night, he had collected samples of the spirit-manipulated beasts living in the beast farm. He had done some research on them, analyzed the data, and finally speculated the genome sequences of different spirit-manipulated beasts. He had now extracted more than seventy types of beasts' genomes. Most of them belonged to the spirit-manipulated beasts from the Gehenna Border. Of course, there were still more to discover. The seventy kinds were only the tip of the iceberg in the whole Wild Spirit Land.

So, all Rocky needed to do now was to collect the remaining genomes of spirit-manipulated beasts, and the Magical Beast House was the perfect place for that. This high-end beast farm was like a treasure house of rare and exotic beasts he had never seen before.

The beasts provided by the Magical Beast House saved Rocky tons of sweat and time. According to his estimations, the Magical Beast House could provide him with at least fifty different genomes. However, it would take a long time to completely study and analyze all of the genomes at the same time.

During these three days, Rocky had already found out that the city he was in was called Barren City because it was located right at the edge of a desert. It was a big city under the Timber Deity Empire which sat on the border between the Timber Deity Empire and the Magic Phoenix Empire. Therefore, it served as the prosperous trading hub between the two countries.

The Magical Beast House was very famous all across the Timber Deity Empire and spawned 10 branches across the empire. Although it didn't have as much branches like the Super Beast Farm in the Holy Dragon Empire, it still provided excellent quality beasts on sale. It even sold beasts from a two-star rating all the way to a four-star rating which were very rare for ordinary spirit manipulators.

The reason why the Magical Beast House could sell a diverse set of beasts was because the Barren City itself was home to many kinds of spirit-manipulated beasts. Except for the southern part of the city, which b

o was the best and most powerful beast curer and manipulator in all of the Wild Spirit Land.

Learning under the guidance of Sheridan and integrating it with modern technology allowed Rocky to surpass his teacher in terms of medical skills. In other words, working as a mere servant in the Magical Beast House of the Xiao Clan was nothing but a waste of time for Rocky.

If only the chief of the Xiao Clan knew that he was Sheridan's disciple, he would be shocked.

The Xiao Clan's current chief was Raef Xiao. He was a famous beast curer in the Timber Deity Empire, and his medical skill was comparable to that of the most powerful beast curers in the top three powerful clans in the Timber Deity Empire. Unfortunately, the strength of the clan only depended on his strength. If there were no powerful spirit manipulator in the clan, it was doomed to fall.

Although the Xiao Clan was known among the spirit manipulator families, they never had developed any powerful spirit manipulators. Their most powerful member had only reached the fifth grade of the Heavenly Stage. Currently, there were only three masters of the Heavenly Stage in the clan. The strongest of which was an elder who was only at the third grade of the Heavenly Stage, while the clan leader was just at the first grade of the Heavenly Stage. In short, the Xiao Clan was miles away from the power of second-class clans in the country, let alone those big ones.

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