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   Chapter 743 The Ximen Clan

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"I didn't expect him to come here..." Priest Dean stood in awkward silence for a little while, as he was caught off-guard by Sheridan's appearance.

"Master Sheridan, I'm sorry for your loss but you have to calm down." As surprised as he was, the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire couldn't help but pacify him. Nobody expected Sheridan to come, as he was always hidden in seclusion, and it was even more unexpected to see him so stricken by Basil's death.

"Your Majesty, how did your son become my disciple? He shouldn't have been allowed to fight on that dangerous border. And now, he's gone..." Sheridan broke down and wailed, unable to choose his words properly over his grief.

In a different setting, this could've caused Sheridan's death, but this time, the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire only shook his head and released a deep sigh. He understood that Sheridan sounded impolite only because of his great love for Basil.

"Sheridan, I'm sorry for your loss," Lance said as he hurried to Sheridan's side. He laid a comforting hand on his shoulder and guided him aside.

Sheridan let himself be led away, as he wiped his cheeks dry, but pain and heartbreak were apparent in his eyes. His shoulders curved inward as if he wanted to sink into himself and away from the world.

Once Sheridan had settled at the side, and everyone settled down, the ceremony was allowed to continue. Then, an announcement came from the entrance to the tomb, "The chief of the Ji Clan has come to pay his respects!"

Not long after, a thin and tall man with thick eyebrows and greying hair entered the imperial tomb. He was at the Divine Stage, and his majestic demeanor was enough to shock everyone present.

It was Elvis, chief of the Ji Clan, and directly behind him stood Allen.

Elvis's appearance destroyed the frayed silence in the imperial tomb, as all at once the people began to talk.

Although Basil had died protecting the empire, and he was buried with honors by the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire, only those in the Imperial City should know about this, as it would take time for the news to spread throughout the whole Holy Dragon Empire. But Elvis, on behalf of the Ji Clan, went all the way to the Imperial City to pay his last respects.

If it was done by anyone

uld be in trouble now. What he did for the Crimson Dragon Group is beyond my imagination! I admire his daring and courage! He was the hero of the Crimson Dragon Group and my benefactor. My kneeling speaks for my immeasurable gratitude for everything His Royal Highness has done," said Lance, his voice firm and passionate.

The people who heard his declaration whispered to each other in excitement and awe.

And even the emperor was rendered speechless by Lance's devotion.

It seemed that Lance's unexpected words and gesture moved all those who were listening. But suddenly, just before the end of the ceremony, a voice came from the outside of the imperial tomb, "The chief of the Ximen Clan and Miss Shirley are here to pay tribute..."

The voice immediately attracted everyone's attention. Their heads swiveled with one mind to the entrance at the same time.

There, they saw two figures enter the imperial tomb. One of them was a tall man with sharp eyebrows and grey hair, and he seemed full of energy and vigor, and his power was at the Immortal Stage. It was Bryant, and following closely behind him was Shirley.

For over a year, she seemed to have grown a lot, and she was now close to the Heavenly Stage, probably with the help of several treasures of heaven and earth. She gave off an impression of maturity and beauty that could even rival Marcia, and with her inherent pride, she stood out above all the other ladies.

Bryant and Shirley's appearance brought silence to the whole imperial tomb.

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