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   Chapter 740 I Am Rookie

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One of the two strong men led Rocky into the Magical Beast House and guided him to a room on the second floor. Every inch of the room felt luxurious due to all its ornate decor. Behind the expensive square table sat a man who was furrowing his thin brows and squinting his already small eyes. He looked shrewd in every sense of the word and was engrossed in what seemed to be an account book.

When the man raised his head and saw them, he immediately locked onto Rocky's filthy clothes that made him look like a beggar. A frown formed on his face and he asked, "Who's that?"

"Steward Willie, he's..." Rocky didn't hear the rest as the man beside him went closer to Willie Wu and spoke to him in a low voice.

"Oh, it's Miss Juey again. She takes cats and dogs in, and now a person too. What's more, we even need to find a job for him. Our Magical Beast House isn't charity hall." Willie clicked his tongue and his tone alone was all Rocky needed to know that he held no respect for Juey. He glanced at Rocky again and his thin brows furrowed in disapproval. "It just so happened that a servant working in the beast farm just quit. You may take over the job," he instructed. He turned back to the man and said something in his ear.

Afterwards, the man led Rocky out of the room, back down to the first floor, and out to the Magical Beast House's backyard. It was surprisingly big, a vast area with plenty of houses. People in uniforms came and went, greeting each other with smiles just like a big family.

They walked westward for a while and passed by a few rows of connected bungalows, all neatly separated from each other.

The man led Rocky into one of the bungalows and said to him, "You can live here from now on. Stay here and wait for me." After his instruction, he left without a glance back.

Rocky watched him go before entering the bungalow and checking his new home. The room was small but had a huge bed piled with several quilts.

'I have to leave. There's no point in staying here, ' Rocky thought to himself. His original plan

he took him in or not, he still felt obliged to show his gratitude.

"I often take in homeless animals; you're not the first one I took in." She waved off his thanks and smiled brightly at him.

Rocky was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. 'So she's treating me just like a homeless animal.'

"By the way, I don't know your name yet. What is it?" She peered up at him.

"Miss Juey, you can call me Rookie." Rocky didn't want to tell her his real name, lest it stir up some trouble.

"Rookie? Why, it's the same name as the dog I took in the day before yesterday! It's also called Rookie." The girl chuckled to herself.

Sweat broke out on Rocky's forehead as his head pounded. 'What a silly girl she is!' he thought. 'She's all breast and no brain. She just talks and talks without a thought.'

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of you. It was just a coincidence," she quickly explained when she saw the look on Rocky's face.

"Never mind." Rocky shook his head.

"You should work hard and don't slack off! Otherwise, I'd be scolded by Willie. He'd blame me for taking you in." She made a face and left quickly after.

Once she was out of sight, Rocky disappeared in the blink of an eye.

While Rocky was testing the waters of his new life in a strange place, his grand funeral was being held in the Imperial City of the Holy Dragon Empire.

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