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   Chapter 739 You Are So Lucky

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A moment later, the wild spirit-manipulated beast howled in pain, and was barreling towards the ground. When the woman saw this opening, she immediately called upon her own spirit-manipulated beast to attack the other, and easily killed it.

"This is really strange. Why did the beast suddenly fall to the ground? Never mind. At least it's done at last!" The woman was first startled, not sure what happened, but then she laughed out loud. She took out the tools she carried with her and began to dismember the corpse of the spirit-manipulated beast she had slain. Using her tools, she harvested rare and precious materials from the beast.

"She looks like my counterpart," Rocky murmured to himself. He made sure to distance himself from the woman in order to not get caught. From there, his eyes were fixed on the woman, watching her as he was captivated by her looks.

Not long after the woman had collected all the materials from the wild spirit-manipulated beast, she then left with her own spirit-manipulated beast.

Rocky immediately trailed her. The reason he had helped her in the first place was that he needed her to lead him out of the rain forest.

So, Rocky followed the woman as she went through the dense forest. Judging by her movement, he could tell she was very familiar with it. After only a short while, they were already out of the rain forest. And about two hours later, Rocky saw a city surrounded by walls as high as skyscrapers. Even from a distance, he could hear the bustling of the city. A stream of people fluttered in and out of the city gate.

"Thank you so much, gorgeous!" Rocky said in a low voice. He took one last look at the beautiful woman before he disappeared.

At the same time, the woman turned her head, scanning her surroundings with a strange look on her face. She couldn't help but ask herself, "Why do I get the feeling that someone is following me?"

Meanwhile, Rocky, who had already made it into the city, looked around and fo

the Magical Beast House and soon saw the signboard hanging at the entrance of the shop. The signboard read "Staff Recruiting" on it.

"I am looking for a job," Rocky said. The corners of his lips curled.

"A beggar coming to our shop to find a job? What do you think the Magical Beast House is?" said another man with a smug on his face.

"Shut up!" The woman put the apple into the man's mouth and asked Rocky, "Looking for a job? Our Magical Beast House is not an ordinary place. The people we need must have professional skills to work here, such as beast evaluation, beast raising, beast taming..."

"I know how to do all of them... a little..." Rocky wanted to say he knew everything about beasts, but they might not hire him if they thought he was lying, so he added "a little" at the end.

"Really?" The woman thought for a while and ordered the two men, "Take him to Willie and see what he can do." She then entered the shop.

'She is so hot. At first I thought she must be bossy, but it turns out she's got a soft heart, ' Rocky thought to himself. The woman left quite an impression on him.

"Boy, you are lucky you met Miss Juey. She has a heart of gold. If you met Miss Mary, she would have asked us to beat you up right then and there," said one of the two men, as they looked at Rocky with envy.

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