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   Chapter 738 Got The Wrong Person

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Afterwards, Marcia and the emperor were left alone in the Grand Holy Hall. She glanced at the pale emperor before attempting to leave, but his grave voice stopped her, "General Marcia, when did you realize that Rocky was Basil?"

"I sent Sabina to find Basil and protect him. Since then, I knew Rocky was Basil." Marcia turned around to reply to the emperor's question.

"Why didn't you tell me? Why did you send Sabina to protect him?" the emperor demanded.

"Your Majesty, the reason why I didn't tell you is because I thought Basil had done something unforgivable and that you hadn't forgiven him yet. So I didn't say anything, just in case. As for sending Sabina to protect Basil, it's because after he reached the Heavenly Stage, he broke the seal I had set in his body, making the Holy Dragon Bead's power in his body harder to control. I feared that the Holy Dragon Bead's power would go out of control again, so I sent Sabina to look for him and protect him. If his power went out of control, she could help him through the difficulty," Marcia explained.

"Even a vicious tiger doesn't eat its cubs. He is my child. Since Lena has already forgiven him, why wouldn't I?" the emperor sighed tiredly.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I knew his identity and yet I didn't tell you. Please punish me," Marcia said from her low bow.

"Never mind. Now that Basil's dead, there's no point in punishing you. I worry about Lena. It seems that she has deep feelings for Basil." He could see from Lena's expression that she loved Basil very much and he also knew that Basil's death must be a heavy blow to bear.

"Please leave this to me. I will be by her side. There's no need for concern, Your Majesty!" Unknown to the emperor, Marcia's eyes turned dark as she spoke and then she turned and left.

When Rocky's true identity as the prince was revealed to the public and most people grieved over his death, Rocky himself was m

fth grade of the Earthly Stage at most. Even though the woman had partnered with a spirit-manipulated beast at the second grade of the three-star level, she was still at a disadvantage.

Rocky couldn't see her face because she had her back to him.

Perhaps it was because the fight lasted for too long, her spiritual power felt weak. Soon, the beast managed to hit her right arm and leave a fierce injury. She retreated a few steps back because of the pain. In her thin sleeveless leather coat, leather pants, and a pair of high boots, she seemed so sexy. But more than her body, her face was even more striking.

"Sue..." The name left Rocky's lips when he saw her face. In his mind, they looked similar, but the woman in front of him was like a sexier and more mature version of Sue. Although she wasn't very beautiful, it was charming enough to attract people's attention.

As soon as the wild spirit-manipulated beast saw that the woman was injured, it immediately launched a fierce attack. Her wound obviously hindered her and she reacted a moment too late.

Rocky's eyes rested on the woman's face for a moment, and in the next moment, he pressed his right hand on the Rainbow Glow Unicorn's forehead. In the blink of an eye, he and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn disappeared.

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