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   Chapter 737 A Grand Funeral

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Everyone snapped as one to where the voice came from and was faced by a delicate girl who trembled at the sad news. She hurriedly shuffled forward, and an incredulous exclamation left her lips again. "How did Basil die? That's impossible! I haven't even seen him yet! I still have a lot to say to him! Why did he die? Why..."

Her wails became louder for every word she spoke. It was as if her heart had shattered into thousands of pieces within her chest. Everyone could only look on in shock at her grief.

What shocked them the most was that she wasn't just some girl; she was Lena, the Witch of the Holy Dragon Empire.

"I should have told you earlier but...I didn't expect that Basil would..." Guilt weighed heavily in Marcia's heart when she looked at the grief-stricken lines on Lena's delicate face. If she knew that something like this would happen, she would have told Lena that Rocky was actually Basil, but it was too late for that now.

"You knew where he was from the very beginning?! Why didn't you tell me? Why?" Lena turned to look at Marcia with burning hate. Not once had she considered that her close friend would have been hiding the truth from her all this time.

Once she saw Lena's face, Marcia hastily said, "Don't say that, Lena. I'll explain..."

"No, I don't want to listen. I want to see Basil. I want to see him even if he's dead!" Tears streamed down her face.

Both Isis and Marin carried a torch for Rocky, but even they were stunned by the gravity of Lena's grief. It hit them that her love for him was deeper than theirs.

"Your Royal Highness, the body of His Royal Highness is no longer there. It might be because the power within his body raged out of control, but as a result, he turned into ash," Sabina told Lena, nibbling on her lips.

"What?" Lena could only sadly shake her head. In the end, she couldn't even see Basil for the last time.

When he saw Lena drown in her anguish, Alston could only grit his teeth. In the end, he still couldn't get her.

Besides Lena's muffled sobs, the entire Grand Holy Hall fell into a solemn silence. Rocky was originally a hero died in the fight against the prince of the Timber Deity Empire, bu

All the ministers immediately looked at each other and then said in unison, "Your Majesty, there's nothing wrong with your decision."

"Then do as I say. I'm a little tired. Send the Witch back first." After his final order, the emperor settled back down on his throne and cradled his forehead on one hand with his eyes closed. Every inch of him screamed of exhaustion deeper than just the fatigue in his old bones.

Soon, several maids came in and held Lena, who was still too engulfed in her grief to care about anything, and they escorted her out of the Grand Holy Hall.

Once they saw them left, the ministers also immediately retreated.

Lance, his daughter, and Marin left the hall too. Now that the rumor that Rocky betrayed the country was cleared up and his identity was revealed, they had achieved their goal. Even so, Rocky's death was still a blow which they needed to recover from, and it would take time for them to accept the truth.

"Sabina, I have something to tell you," Allen said to Sabina as soon as they walked out of the hall. After sending a sign to Marcia, Sabina followed after him.

Alston looked indignant and left in a huff. However, when he passed by Marcia, he heard a sweet voice whisper next to him. "I'll find out the cause of Basil's death. His death isn't normal. Once I find out who killed him, I won't go easy on that bastard!"

Fear flashed across his face and Alston fled without daring to glance at her.

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