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   Chapter 736 He Is Prince Basil

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"Sabina," Marcia called out. "Tell His Majesty everything that you know."

Sabina looked up at Marcia's impassive face, and then knelt on one knee. "Greetings, Your Majesty. I am Sabina Ji," she said respectfully.

"Sabina Ji? That sounds familiar..." the emperor murmured to himself.

"Your Majesty, she is the second daughter of the head of the Ji Clan, and also my niece," Allen told the emperor.

"Oh, I remember you now, Sabina. I heard that you left the Ji Clan all of a sudden a few years ago, and I haven't heard anything about you since then," the emperor remarked. At that time, Sabina deeply impressed him, because she was the only gifted spirit manipulator in the Holy Dragon Empire that was on par with Isis. However, he didn't know much about why she ran away from home.

"I took Sabina as my disciple several years ago, and she had been following me around all these years. Then, not long ago, she went to the Gehenna Border under my command. And after that, she followed Commander in Chief Rocky and had been with him all this time," Marcia explained shortly.

"So that's what happened." The emperor nodded to himself, satisfied with Marcia's explanation. But then he asked, "You just said that Rocky was dead. What happened? Why are there rumors of his betrayal if he is dead?"

"Your Majesty, here is the thing..." Thus, Sabina told the emperor the whole story, which included the fact that Alyssa had tortured Rocky and that he almost died in her hands just so they could live to see another day. After that, he pretended to betray them so that he could save them. She added that she saw Woods' and his bodyguards' dead bodies and that she also witnessed it when Rocky went to his doom right in front of her eyes.

When the people heard everything that Sabina had to say, the whole Grand Holy Hall fell silent. It shocked them because they had never expected that there was such a truth hidden behind the rumor.

And at that moment, almost everyone's impression of Rocky had also changed. Previously, the people believed that he was a traitor, but now they saw him as a hero, someone who had chosen to die for the safety of his men.

'Damn it! Why did it turn out like this?' Alston cursed inwardly, outraged by the

l himself, but why would he suddenly turn up as the Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group? It was such a fantastical story, so much so that no one knew quite what to believe. "General Marcia, what did you just say? Rocky is Basil?"

the emperor asked dubiously like he couldn't understand what the words even meant. The news was echoed all through the crowd in waves, as everyone passed the news to another.

Meanwhile, Lance and Isis looked at each other in dismay. They had been trying to uncover Rocky's identity all this time, but they had never thought that he was Prince Basil. On the other hand, the emperor was still coming to terms with the truth. He looked helplessly at Marcia and the others, and his eyes were begging them to deny the truth. His son couldn't be dead, right? "Does this mean that... Basil is dead?!" the emperor cried out brokenly, his voice hoarse and pained. There was a flicker of regret on his grieving face, and he flashed back to the last time that he had seen his son.

"That's right. He died for the Crimson Dragon Army and for the Holy Dragon Empire. And yet people even slandered him!" Marcia's voice was steady, outraged by the people's disrespect, but she couldn't hide the sadness in her eyes.

"What? Basil is dead?!" Just then, a woman's cry sounded above all the others. Their heads swiveled at the same time, and they saw a delicate figure who was walking into the Grand Holy Hall. Her eyes were wide with shock and shiny with unshed tears.

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