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   Chapter 735 He Is Dead

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Changdu Characters: 7198

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"General Lance, if Commander in Chief Rocky had not disappeared, the rumor would naturally be scotched. However, it only seems probable that he has indeed betrayed our country and joined the Timber Deity Empire. If it weren't true, he would be standing here right now! If he really did submit to the Timber Deity Empire, it would be not easy to find him. But now, the problem is, the news of his treachery has already spread rapidly throughout the Holy Dragon Empire that our other neighboring countries may have already heard about it. If this is not taken care of immediately, it will cause a riot. When that happens, the consequences will be very dire," Priest Dean said after exchanging glances with Alston. He deliberately used a serious tone so that the emperor would be persuaded to announce Rocky's treason as soon as possible.

Priest Dean had always gained the approval of most ministers in the Holy Dragon Empire. Rocky's treason had caused a great deal of impact on the country's reputation. If the rumors had proven to be true, the whole empire would be greatly humiliated.

"I agree with you, Priest Dean. It will be hard to deal with it once it gets serious," said the emperor with a nod. As the ruler of the Holy Dragon Empire, he had to ponder on the overall situation, lest unnecessary trouble would be caused.

At that moment, Isis could not help but bite her pink lips in worry. All of a sudden, she knelt down on the floor and said to the emperor fervently, "Your Majesty, my husband would never betray our country. I can guarantee with my life that if it turns out that he did, I would be willing to take all the necessary punishments for him and kill myself without any complaints."

In the eyes of all the people present, Isis looked pitiful. In the past, she was known to have been courted by many men from both the royal family and the noble clans. However, she turned all of them down for Rocky, who was essentially a person of no importance or authority. None of them had expected that the ruthless Deputy Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group would be willing to appeal to the emperor's mercy for a man. If her

Sabina?" Allen was the first to recognize the woman behind Marcia. Sabina had also been missing for many days since then, just like Rocky.

Lance and Isis were thrilled to see Sabina. They believed that she was the only one who could prove that Rocky was innocent.

Isis stood up and rushed towards Sabina. She held her hands and asked anxiously, "Sabina, where is Rocky? Why didn't he come with you?"

"Isis, please calm down and listen to me. already... dead." Just when Sabina spoke, her voice choked with sobs as she was gradually overcome with sadness.

"Dead? Rocky, the guy who had always escaped death, has actually died?" Marin could not believe what she heard as she slowly began to sob too.

"What? No... That's impossible! How did he..." All of a sudden, Isis was at a loss for words. She stood there in a daze while her eyes started to fill with tears.

"He's dead?" Lance was shocked to his core.

When the ministers heard this, they were also quite surprised. The first controversial thing they had recently heard about Rocky was his treachery, but now he was also dead!

The emperor was dumbfounded in silence too.

'Damn it! How did Sabina know that Rocky was dead?' Alston thought to himself. He recalled the last time he saw Rocky. 'Rocky and Sabina weren't even together back then, and I thought she had been sent to the camp of the Timber Deity Empire. So how did she know he was dead?'

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