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   Chapter 734 Weakness Lends Wings To Rumors

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"Even if we believe that Rocky is innocent, we don't have any evidence to prove our claim. I hope he can come forth and prove himself. But no one has heard from him for a long time. I'm afraid something bad must have happened to him. For now, we will investigate and check into the incident thoroughly. And of course, we have to find out where he is. Let us keep our fingers crossed that he is safe and well," Lance said thoughtfully.

"That's right," Allen agreed with a nod.

"I agree with you. I heard that His Majesty was furious when he heard the news of Rocky's treachery. He plans to punish him. If they accuse Rocky of treason before he comes back, he will suffer injustice," Isis said, concern written all over her face. Rocky's betrayal had been a hot topic ever since the news broke out and spread throughout the Imperial City. There were several allegations, and people had rumored about it incessantly. However, she remained clueless on what really happened, so it was pointless to see the emperor at this point. What she did heard from various sources was that Alston had summoned several officials to discuss with them about Rocky's treachery. This alone made her worry and had given her sleepless nights.

"I cannot just sit here and do nothing. I have to meet His Majesty right away and explain the situation. I think His Majesty is also waiting for me to explain everything to him," Lance said with a worried look on his face. After all, Rocky was his son-in-law. The emperor would not punish him just like that. What worried Lance was the fact that there were people who hated Rocky. The people who held a grudge against him would grab this opportunity to add fuel to the fire and sway the emperor. It was not surprising to see such things happen in the court.

Much as Lance was one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire, and also one pillar of the Holy Dragon Empire, he could not ignore the words that had spread against Rocky. The news that Rocky had betrayed the Holy Dragon Empire had already circulated to the entire empire. Lance had to explain everything to the emperor as soon as possible. Otherwise, the emperor might give in to the pressure around him and convict Rocky of treason. If that happened, Lance

out Commander in Chief Rocky's treachery. Knowing it is of great importance, I came back as soon as possible," answered Lance. His voice was calm, and his face showed no emotion.

"General Lance, please enlighten us. Why did this Rocky betray our Holy Dragon Empire and join the Timber Deity Empire? Is it true?" the emperor demanded. He wanted to know the truth once and for all.

"Your Majesty, I can assure you that Commander in Chief Rocky will never betray us. There is no proof, and we cannot believe distorted rumors. Based on my investigation, the Timber Deity Empire released this information. That alone made the rumor extremely untrustworthy. I highly suspect that this is one of their evil schemes." Lance stepped forward and explained to the emperor.

"Weakness lends wings to rumors. General Lance, we have no news about Rocky. He left without a trace. How do you explain this?" Alston asked immediately. He could not let Lance influence the emperor.

"Your Majesty, there must be a reason behind Commander in Chief Rocky's disappearance. I have ordered the Elite Regiment to search for him far and wide. I believe we will get some news soon. Please give me more time," Lance replied and saluted immediately.

The emperor hesitated and felt inclined to believe Lance. After all, the people of the Timber Deity Empire never confirmed the information that Rocky had betrayed the country. His disappearance explained nothing either.

For now, the truth remained hidden and elusive.

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