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   Chapter 733 Fodder For The Rumor Mills

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It didn't take Rocky long to kill the Deserted Sand Crab at the third grade of the four-star level. He didn't pant or sweat. Meanwhile, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, who had been watching the fight, hopped next to the dead crab and with its foreleg, pointed at the shell.

Curious to know what was going on, Rocky went over and poked the crab shell with the Frozen Wind Dagger. Immediately, a red-purple liquid gushed out.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn was thrilled. It let out an excited scream, immediately lowered its head and began to drink.

"Jeez! You are such a hearty eater! You are even drinking blood!" Rocky couldn't help but exclaim when he saw the Rainbow Glow Unicorn drinking the dead crab's blood.

However, when he saw the Rainbow Glow Unicorn drinking the blood happily, Rocky was tempted. For a few minutes, he tried to ignore the urge, but in the end, he just couldn't resist anymore. Reluctantly, he leaned down and started licking blood from the crab too. To his surprise, the taste of the blood was as mellow and rich as wine.

"Wow! This is amazing!" Immediately, Rocky's eyes lit up. He got down to his knees and began to drink with glee, as if he was competing with the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

After he was full and refreshed, Rocky went into a mud house nearby. In the house, he immediately began to circulate his spiritual power. He wanted to find out why his power had been strengthened.

"This is so strange! The evil spiritual power from the second layer of the seal has fully fused into my body. The evil spiritual power in the container made of the mysterious power is from the third layer of the seal. What's going on?" he wondered aloud.

'This is no coincidence! Did she do this to me?' he thought to himself, suspecting the only person he knew, who could have done that.

"After fusing the evil spiritual power in the second layer of the seal, my strength has grown to the seventh grade of the Heavenly Stage. No wonder I found it so easy to deal with the spirit-manipulated beast at the third grade of the four-star level. After the incident that almost killed me, I could never have imagined this. My strength has grown beyond expectations. Anyway, I put my life on the line for this." True, he had reached the seventh grade of the Heavenly Stage in such a short period of time. But it came at a gr

nt statement over.

"Really? I'm touched!" Lance was excited to realize that Rocky was popular. Having the support and trust of the whole Crimson Dragon Group in such a difficult time was something that would give Rocky leverage.

Relieved, Allen and Marin exchanged a smile. They hoped that with this joint statement, the emperor himself would see Rocky's innocence.

"Commander in Chief Lance, please give this joint statement to His Majesty. We believe Commander in Chief Rocky is an innocent man," the several Elite Commanders said in unison.

"Don't worry. I will deliver the joint statement to His Majesty in person." Lance nodded solemnly.

Then, he, together with Allen and Marin, left for the Imperial City that very night. They arrived in the afternoon of the next day. Since Lance knew that Isis was worried about Rocky, he went back to his mansion first.

When Isis heard that Lance was back, she rushed to the living room. She ran forward to greet the three of them. "Dad, there are rumors going around here about Rocky. They accuse him of betraying the empire. What's going on?" she asked anxiously.

"I didn't expect the rumors to spread so fast." Lance frowned.

"Tell me, what happened to Rocky, dad. I don't believe that he would betray us," she pressed further.

"Miss Isis, right now, we still don't have any credible information about Commander in Chief Rocky. And Sabina is also missing. No one knows exactly what had happened. But I believe Commander in Chief Rocky has not, and will never betray us," Allen assured.

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