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   Chapter 732 In The Desert

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Rocky looked around and noticed an egg shaped object covered in a thick layer of dust sitting just beside him. He bent over, picked it up, and blew to remove the dust. He rubbed his thumb against the object to clean it and saw that it was red in color.

"Could it be...Uriah?" Rocky murmured to himself. He remembered at once what had happened and thought that this red egg must be Uriah. At that time, he was out of himself that he did not understand why and how Uriah suddenly turned into a red egg.

"Rubygon is dead, and Uriah seems to have transformed into this egg. It feels terrible to lose them all of a sudden," Rocky said with disappointment. Pain was evident in his voice, along with fatigue from everything that had happened. He touched the red egg with his right hand and it sparkled with a soft glimmer of light as if it were responding to him.

Rocky squinted his eyes as if to see clearer when he saw that glimmer. He wanted to see what was happening inside the egg with his Mysterious Visual Evaluation Skill, but he couldn't. It was as if there was nothing in it, and he couldn't feel any sign of life. Obviously, he had never encountered such a situation before, so he had no idea what was going on. However, he believed that Uriah was not dead, and the egg in his hand could help Uriah come back to life.

Of course, nothing was certain as it was just Rocky's guess.

Then, Rocky opened the Magic Spiritual Space and was prepared to put the egg into the lab. But, as soon as he entered it, he saw a colorful light gleaming, and it rushed directly towards him and held him down to the ground. A petite white figure flew over and licked his face.

"Well, I know you are worried about me. You don't have to, I am fine now, but Uriah and Rubygon..." Rocky's voice choked with emotion. He sighed as he patted the Rainbow Glow Unicorn and Robin.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn and Robin gave out their sighs too, as if they mourned for Uriah and Rubygon.

Rocky stood up and took the red egg to the lab and washed it. Then he fetched a container, arranged it, and carefully kept the egg in the container. After that, he changed into a new set of clothes and walked out of the lab.

"I should figure out where I am now..." Rocky's eyes narrow

the west of the village.

After hesitating for a while, Rocky walked over towards the direction. When he was just about to get close to the mud house, he saw a black figure as tall as two people jumping out and rushing at him.

Rocky immediately drew out the Frozen Wind Dagger in response to his shock and waved it. Suddenly, a black Moon Blade, which seemed a lot bigger than before, whizzed out. With a bang, it hit the black figure. The black figure was immediately knocked into the air, knocking down the mud house behind.

Rocky was surprised as he found that the Frozen Wind Dagger had obviously changed. The Flaming Blade was much wider than before, now looking like a big sword. But before he could figure the rest of the differences out, the black shadow once again popped out from the collapsing mud house and revealed its original shape. It turned out to be a Deserted Sand Crab at the third grade of the four-star level. It waved its large and powerful claws in the air, looking rather intimidating.

Obviously, the Deserted Sand Crab was disturbed by Rocky and it looked very irritable. It immediately waved its large claws and rushed toward him.

"Hey, foodie. Did you really want to make trouble for me?" Rocky said in an irritated tone and gave a glare to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, who was standing next to them and watching them fighting. Then, he fought the Deserted Sand Crab with all his might.

As his strength had increased significantly, the match was very easy for Rocky.

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