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   Chapter 731 Rebirth

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7521

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The moment Sabina left, a giant shadow quickly appeared from the sky. The beautiful figure on the back of the shadow landed on the ground. As she looked at the bodies in front of her, the woman frowned. Then, she noticed another body that lay motionless on the ground not far away from her.

"It can't be. Woods!" with a worried expression, Alyssa frantically shouted and then she rushed up to Woods. As her hands trembled, she immediately checked his breath. However, to her dismay, Woods didn't breathe anymore...

Alyssa's eyes suddenly widened in anger. Frustration enveloped her face as she shouted, "It must be Rocky. Rocky is the one that murdered my brother!" Sadness overwhelmed her heart.

When Alyssa was about to take Woods' body and leave, Woods suddenly let out a deep gasp. As he exhaled once again, Woods suddenly got up.

"Woods? Thank goodness, you're alive!" Alyssa exclaimed with a joyous voice. The sadness on her face was soon replaced by happiness. She felt that what happened just then was unbelievable.

"Huh? I'm not dead?" After he finally woke up, Woods immediately stood up and stared at Alyssa in surprise. Then, he looked around curiously and asked, "Where is Rocky?"

"That bastard escaped. But don't worry. I won't let him go. I'll make sure he pays dearly for trying to kill you!" Alyssa said ferociously as she gritted her teeth.

"No, he didn't. Instead, he actually saved me," Woods said as he shook his head. Then, he felt something in his bosom. As he tried to catch his breath, Woods took the thing out and it turned out to be a red pearl.

"What? Isn't that the Dragon Flame Pearl?" A surprised expression painted Alyssa's face as she noticed the pearl. Immediately, she grabbed it from Woods.

"I believe Rocky used that to save me." Although he had no idea how it worked, Woods was sure that Rocky saved him with the Dragon Flame Pearl.

"What? The Dragon Flame Pearl belongs to Rocky? That means the treasure map also belongs to..." Alyssa softly whispered to herself as a thought passed through her mind.

"Alyssa, Rocky saved my life. Nonetheless, he might be in danger right now. Please send people to find him immediately!" Woods shouted frantically as he suddenly remembered that some

d to cease the battle and withdrew the troops to the main camp.

As the news about the betrayal of Rocky was widely spread in the Holy Dragon Empire, a new beginning awaited from a faraway place. In a cave made of grotesque sandstone in a desolate desert, a man who seemed to be sleeping for a long time slowly opened his eyes. A look of confusion painted his handsome face. He stood up and looked around the boundless desert outside in bewilderment.

'What's happening? I'm supposed to be dead. Where is this place? Why am I here?' Rocky frowned and tapped his face to make sure that he was still alive. However, he was in a strange place. Everything seemed so inconceivable and his confusion grew even worse.

"Sue?" Rocky suddenly called out with a surprised look. However, he immediately shook his head sorrowfully. With a sad tone, he said, "Sue has been dead. It's all my fault. If it weren't for me, she would still be alive. Actually, it's Alston's fault. That bastard! I'll murder him even if it's the last thing I do!"

After he grieved, Rocky immediately stood up and dusted off his clothes. Dressed in rags, he looked like a beggar. Strangely, there were no injuries on his body. He was supposed to be seriously injured, yet even his internal injuries were gone.

'Someone must have saved me. That person must have also healed my wounds and brought me here. But who might he be?' Rocky pondered with a confused expression. Nonetheless, he couldn't find the answer at the moment.

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