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   Chapter 728 Strength Devouring

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7396

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"That's exactly what I wanted to say," Rocky managed to choke out. It was a struggle to grasp at the last bits of his rational thoughts with his head drowning under the impact of the violent evil force released from the third layer of the seal. Despite the pain, Rocky held on by reminding himself that he couldn't be swallowed by the evil power before Alston was dealt with.

No matter how hard he tried, he was also aware that he didn't have much time. Either he ended Alston or Alston would end him.

In the blink of an eye, Rocky disappeared and instantly showed up right in front of Alston, emitting so much evil spiritual power it immediately overwhelmed Alston.

"That was fast!" Alston exclaimed but managed to quickly wave his spear to defend.

Even though the Frozen Wind Dagger was always in the shape of a slim dagger, it suddenly changed into a giant flaming blade and chopped down lightning-quick towards Alston.

A loud bang resounded when the flaming blade heavily slammed on the handle of the spear. On the other hand, the spear trembled under the tremendous pressure it endured and Alston lost all feeling in both of his arms.

When they made contact, Alston immediately sensed the violent force warring inside Rocky, and he quickly paled. Even worse was that the power became even stronger by the second. There was no hesitation as Alston dragged himself away and stretched his hands out until countless green and purple spiritual swords appeared above him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spiritual swords shot towards Rocky and fanned around him, spreading their spiritual power that carried thunder. It was a unique martial skill for the imperial members, called the Green Thunder Sword. It compressed Thunder spiritual power into spiritual swords, and among the spiritual martial arts of the same level, Green Thunder Sword was definitely the top of its class.

In the past, Alston had defeated Rocky with the same move. But Alston hadn't mastered this back then, but now, the power of the Green Thunder Sword was much more powerful than before. Anything that came close was destroyed by the sheer impressive power it carried.

For a moment, Rocky disappeared within all the thunder

eters within its shadow, everything was burnt down. Smoke rose up and flashes of thunder sparked as the remaining spiritual power filled the air.

Alston dropped to the ground not far from the burned area. A triumphant smile stretched his lips as the tension in his shoulders finally disappeared. He couldn't sense Rocky no matter how hard he tried. It meant that Rocky perished under his powerful attack that even his bones had been burnt into ashes. He finally did it.

The pride he felt didn't last long as a figure appeared within the dense thunder. He approached slowly, step by step, and the thunder radiance disappeared, more exactly, was devoured by the flashing black Evil Flame around him wherever he moved forwards. Alston couldn't rip his eyes away and he could only stare slack-jawed when he found something similar to the Dragon Spirit Mark all over his opponent's body under his ragged clothes.

Rocky could only adsorb spiritual power with his left arm before, but now, he could use every inch of his body. In just a moment, the surrounding spiritual power that Alston's thunder left was all attracted towards Rocky and as time went by, the black Evil Flame around him rose higher and became even bigger.

However, the more power he absorbed, the more lethal it would be to his body, not to mention that he was already halfway into the grave already. Everything was a blur to him except for Alston who was the one clear thing in his hazy surroundings.

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