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   Chapter 727 Get Rid Of The Nightmare

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Meanwhile, Rocky was alarmed to see that dragon snake shadow was coming closer and closer. As a result, he immediately employed his Frozen Wind Dagger in order to make a solid Dagger Dome as his defense. However, Alston had already waved the Thunder Dragon Spear in his hand and dashed towards Rocky from the sky.


A loud noise resonated throughout the area. At that moment, the Thunder Dragon Spear smashed through Rocky's Dagger Dome, forcing its power on Rocky at the same time.

Instantly, Rocky was sent high into the air and fell on the ground at breakneck speed.

"Haha..." Seeing how pathetic Rocky looked like, Alston laughed loudly in triumph. To him, Rocky was powerless, even like a tiny ant that was ready to be stomped at.

However, Rocky was nothing like what Alston pictured. Instead, he stood up and clenched his teeth in anger. The impact of the spiritual power on his body was so intense that his body got severely injured. At that time, Rocky was covered in blood, and his skin had started to split from his flesh. Although the pain seeped into his every nerve, he seemed to have forgotten about it because of his raging anger and killing intent towards Alston.

In addition to that, Alston's power was nothing compared to the spiritual martial arts skill at the Divine Stage that Alyssa had launched before.

"You can still stand up!" Seeing that Rocky was still able to stand up, Alston glared at him with much hatred. A moment later, he waved the spear in his hand and rushed to Rocky again.

Rocky might be able to stand on his own, but at that moment, his legs were so weak that they were not even able to hold him up for a long period of time.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, there was a shadow of a beast that was surrounded by flame light. Swooping down from the air, it sped towards Alston in an attempt to block his attack against Rocky.

"Uriah..." Rocky's eyes widened as he called out. He didn't expect that Uriah would come and help him.

As a matter of fact, Uriah was already physically exhausted after a series of savage fighting. Despite the fatigue on its face, it still darted out to protect its master from harm. As long as it was breathing, it would do whatever it could to protect its master until its dying breath, just like Rubygon had done in the past.

After all, it was its sworn duty as a spirit-manipulated beast!

On the other hand, Alston was fur

at most for half an hour.

With that, he thought that he would have to kill Alston no longer than half an hour.

"Come on, swallow me whole!" But he had no time to think about it carefully now. Raising his head, he put in great efforts to break through the third layer of the seal. Suddenly, a sea of evil spiritual power surged out, filling every corner of his body.

In the blink of an eye, Rocky's robe fluttered savagely in the air, and his eyes turned as dark as an endless abyss. His aura of the Heavenly Stage continued to increase, and he suddenly broke through to the Supernal Stage. Moreover, he was filled with a sinister aura that made him appear as if he were possessed by some kind of demon god. Like a raging fire, the spiritual power constantly overflowed from him and encapsulated his every bit.

However, this scene was not at all surprising to Alston. But then, fright made his hair stand when he saw the coercive power that Rocky had shown. After all, there was no question as to how powerful the Holy Dragon Bead was.

This unprecedented power that gathered in Rocky's body rose gradually in the air, making it a wonderful sight to see even for his opponent.

But Alston would never admit that Rocky was stronger than him.

"Today will be the day of your death! Do you have any wishes before you die?" Alston cursed. He wouldn't miss the rare opportunity to kill Rocky with his own hands. At that moment, it didn't matter what the plan or plot was. All that mattered to him was getting rid of Rocky as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be another endless nightmare for him.

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