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   Chapter 724 Is He Asking For Death

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The four masters at the Heavenly Stage immediately summoned their spirit-manipulated beasts to surround Uriah and Rubygon. Although the four masters' beasts were only war beasts at the third grade of the four-star level, they weren't weak, and with four against two, it was doubly difficult for Uriah and Rubygon. Despite these odds stacked against them, Uriah and Rubygon were fearless and tenacious.

Of course, it was scary that Rocky, who was at the third grade of the Heavenly Stage, was going to fight against four masters of the Heavenly Stage. Also, among these four masters, only one was inferior to him, and the rest were either one or two levels higher than him. No matter how you looked at it, Rocky had no chance of winning at all. What made it worse was that, at that moment, Rocky hadn't recovered his spiritual power, and he could barely use half of his strength.

Despite all these disadvantages, there was no trace of fear nor hesitation in Rocky's eyes. He didn't even glance at the four masters that surrounded him, as his eyes were set on one person alone, his goal, Alston.

At that point, a bright light suddenly flashed from Rocky's body, as he rushed toward Alston, who was dozens of meters away from him. Two weaker masters rushed to stop Rocky, blocked his way and launched their unique spiritual martial arts skills.

"Thunder Leg Attack!"

"Nether Ghost Finger!"

Soon, there was a shadow of a leg that was surrounded by the sound of thunder as it flew, and at the same time, there was a spiritual beam that rapidly approached Rocky. These two spiritual skills immediately blocked Rocky's way forward.

"Fire Dragon!" Rocky snarled. Instantly, his spiritual power gathered around his arms, and two streams of Evil Flame formed on his arms like two scorching dragons and whistled out.

These dragons rushed towards his opponents' attacks quickly, as whistling sounds made by its nimble movement echoed around. Bang!

The three martial arts skills collided with an explosion of brilliant light. The spiritual energy from all the attacks began to spread in all directions, as the wind picked up and stirred the dust.

But Rocky wasn't done, for in the next moment, he rushed out of the sand and slashed a Moon Blade bathed in black flame at the two Heavenly Stage masters. He moved so fa

ed his way, he had no means to block them.

But just as he was about to fight with his last strength, Rubygon, who was covered with wounds all over its body, rushed over to shield his body.

Before Rocky could react, four streams of strong spiritual power struck Rubygon's body. And even if Rubygon had a body made of steel and iron, it wouldn't be able to resist that much spiritual power. Rubygon's blood splattered all over the ground, and at that point, there was more blood outside than inside its body. It let out a pained whine and collapsed in front of its master, Rocky.

"Rubygon!" Rocky let out a pained howl, his eyes strained on Rubygon, as it struggled in its pool of blood. It gave one last look at Rocky and then fell, unmoving.

"Ah!" Rocky screamed wildly. Regardless of the burden that his body was on, he instantly released all the evil spiritual power sealed in the second layer of his spiritual soul container. The strong evil power began to spread out from his body, and black spiritual power began to burn around him like a flame. His strength began to improve sharply, and his power surged around him like a huge wave.

"Has the power of the Holy Dragon Bead inside his body gone berserk again? Does he want to kill himself?" Alston stared at Rocky, startled at his strength that was rapidly increasing. His eyes grew somber, and he couldn't help but recall that time when Rocky killed two masters at the premium level of the Heavenly Stage, even while his strength was at the preliminary level of the Earthly Stage.

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