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   Chapter 722 We Are Brothers

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7458

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"Alston, if I kill Woods, it will provoke a huge war between the Timber Deity Empire and the Holy Dragon Empire. You are the eldest prince of the Holy Dragon Empire. Don't you care about the safety of the people in your empire?" Rocky asked. Alston would endanger the entire Holy Dragon Empire just so he could kill him. This was truly insane.

"Yes, you're right. Only in this way can I even the score with you!" Alston laughed. He failed to use Mont City to crush Rocky; instead he had made him more famous. The battle at Mont City brought out the best in Rocky and his army. Alston himself, however, had ruined the advantage the Crimson Dragon Army had built and was thoroughly discredited.

Because of this, Alston needed a big war to prove his ability. He would not hold back on any opportunity to stir up a conflict between the Timber Deity Empire and the Holy Dragon Empire.

"You're out of your mind! Alston, this idea is insane," Rocky shouted. It was only now that he saw through Alston's motives. Apart from trying to get even with him, Alston also had a foolish plan that could backfire if he was not careful. Just to save face, he would stir up a war between the Timber Deity Empire and the Holy Dragon Empire.

"I never thought the eldest prince of the Holy Dragon Empire would be so despicable and shameless!" Woods mocked Alston. A bitter smile swept across his face.

"Your Timber Deity Empire started this war. You are the one who should be ashamed," Alston sneered, staring at Woods.

"The reason I said you're despicable is not because you want to start a war between the two empires, but because you will go to great lengths just to exact revenge on Rocky. You want to start a war so you can vindicate yourself from all the embarrassment. I'm sure it was you who leaked the information of the Crimson Dragon Army to us. It never entered my mind that the eldest prince of the Holy Dragon Empire would betray his own country just to settle the score with a man. I truly feel sorry for the Holy Dragon Empire!" Woods glared at Alston with hate.

"Shut up!" Alston said furiously.

"You have the boldness to start a war, but you don't have the courage to let the others know? As the eldest prince of th

ards Rocky slowly until she was more than ten steps away from him.

"That's enough!" Alston shouted and gestured for her to stop.

Sue stopped and fixed her eyes on Rocky.

Rocky could see Sue's body shaking, and he could read the fear in her eyes. He hated seeing her like this and tried to assure her, "Sue, do not be afraid. I will let nothing happen to you."

"Mr. Bai, please don't do this. Just go! They will not let you go even if you kill Prince Woods!" Sue tried to convince Rocky. She knew this was part of Alston's plan. He would kill Rocky, come what might.

"It doesn't matter. I will take you away." Rocky understood the truth behind Sue's words and fear. All the same, he had to make sure she was safe.

He then turned to look at Woods.

"Just do it. We will meet again in the afterlife. I hope next time you will not refuse my kindness," Woods said calmly. His words pierced through Rocky's heart. He was not afraid of death. His sad fate had been written in the stars, and there was nothing else he could do right now. His three bodyguards were useless, unable to protect themselves. He himself did not have the strength to defend himself. He just wanted to die swiftly and avoid the pain that came with death.

At this moment, Rocky finally realized the reason Woods wanted to take him back to the Timber Deity Empire. It was not just a gesture of appreciation, but also trust. But unfortunately now he needed to make a choice and protect Sue from harm.

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