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   Chapter 721 Too Crazy

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Suddenly, the mysterious mercenaries had also begun to attack Woods and his men. Without hesitation, Woods immediately ordered his people to resist them. The soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire and a few spirit manipulators rushed forward and started to fight the mercenaries.

"Your Royal Highness, maybe this is a trap set by him. We better not bring him with us!" A wary remark came from one of the bodyguards at the Heavenly Stage. In an anxious tone, the bodyguard hurried persuaded Woods into leaving Rocky alone, as he didn't seem to believe Rocky.

"Are you kidding me? If I set up a trap like this, I'd be courting death!" Rocky retorted back and rolled his eyes at the bodyguard.

"You must think that His Royal Highness won't dare to kill you. As such, you used this opportunity to deceive us!" another bodyguard at the Heavenly Stage agreed as well.

"Never mind. You can say whatever you believe. I'm so happy that you don't want to take me with you. I can finally leave you guys once and for all," Rocky said in a cold tone. If it weren't for the fact that Sabina and the others were still in the hands of Woods, he would have already taken advantage of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn's ability and left.

"I believe in you. Let's survive this together!" Although he thought for a while, Woods still told Rocky that he had faith in him.

"But, Your Royal Highness—" The three bodyguards still wanted to say something. However, before they could even finish their sentence, Woods cut them off.

"Let's go!" After he signaled to them, Woods took the three bodyguards and Rocky and headed quickly to another direction.

"Why would people from the Holy Dragon Empire want to kill you? Is it because you betrayed the Holy Dragon Empire? But the news of your betrayal just came out. It's impossible that they would come this soon and..." Woods frantically asked Rocky as they ran for their lives. The more he thought about it, the stranger he felt about their situation.

"I'll tell you everything when we're finally safe at the Timber Deity Empire," Rocky said in a dismissive tone.

While Rocky, Woods and the three bodyguards at the Heavenly Stage were running for their lives, two people appeared behind them out of nowhere.

"Your Royal Highness, it's just as you expected. They took away Rocky," a spirit manipulator in a black robe said as a weird smile appeared on his face.

The other person was none other than

shouted as he trembled in anger. A furious expression accompanied his murderous stare at Alston.

"I don't want your pathetic life. You will die sooner or later anyway," Alston sneered in a boastful tone. "I have a proposal for you. I can let this woman go if you want. However, you have to kill the prince of the Timber Deity Empire first."

"What do you mean by that? Don't you want to kill me?" Rocky didn't understand why Alston asked him to kill Woods. If Alston wanted Woods to die, he could just kill him by himself. There was no way Woods could escape death given the gap in their strengths.

"Kill you? Ha-ha, I want you to die, but I want you to be utterly discredited first. I want to burn your reputation to the ground. Now that the news that you betrayed the Holy Dragon Empire has spread to the Crimson Dragon Group, it would surely soon reach the Palace City. At that time, you will be the traitor of the whole Holy Dragon Empire. Everyone in the Holy Dragon Empire will hate you. If you also kill the prince of the Timber Deity Empire, then Alyssa won't let you go alive. In this way, you are surely doomed. The best part is that I don't need to get my hands dirty to kill you myself. After all, as long as I beat you half dead and throw you to the side of Woods' dead body, Alyssa will surely avenge her brother in person." Alston had already planned everything for a long time. With his evil scheme, he wanted to force Rocky into a hopeless situation so that he would die with hatred and agony. Only in that way could Alston vent the hatred in his heart. After all, Rocky had sex with the woman he loved.

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