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   Chapter 719 A Man Of His Word

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On hearing what Rocky said, Woods looked at her sister with a concerned look. "Alyssa, you've already vented your anger. Please, rest easy now," he advised. Then he turned around and took Rocky by the arm, ready to lead him out.

When Alyssa came back to her senses, she looked at Rocky with a complicated expression on her face. "Don't let him die. I'll ask him something some other day. For now, just bring him to the Timber Deity Empire first," she cautioned as she bit her red lips. Then she went straight to Sabina and sealed her spiritual power. As soon as she finished, she summoned her spirit-manipulated beast and vanished in a blink of an eye.

"Take them to the nearest camp and closely watch them. After three days, if you don't find anything unusual, you may let them go," Woods instructed, glancing at Sabina who was staring back at him angrily. After a moment of hesitation, he said, "If you want to talk to him, you may as well do it now. You may not have the chance to meet him again." Then he walked away.

"Why did you do that?" Sabina looked at Rocky, trembling.

"Because I... must be alive. And I can't... let you and them die for me..." Rocky replied with effort.

"But if you go to the Timber Deity Empire, you're betraying the Holy Dragon Empire. You'll lose everything you have now, including me... and everyone," Sabina said with her teeth clenched.

"I know... I will... I will go back to the Holy Dragon Empire again... Without me, you will be free... You don't have to... follow me every day..." said Rocky, managing a smile.

"You bastard... Bastard! You must stay alive. I will look for you. I will..." During the scolding, Sabina lowered her head so that Rocky wouldn't see her tears.

"When you are free... go home. Anyway... you have your family... Don't live alone... It can be too lonely..." Before Rocky could finish his words, he fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

"Rocky!" Sabina cried out, fearing he was dead.

Alarmed, Woods, who was standing beside them, went up and checked what was happening. Much to his relief, Rocky's condition wasn't critical. Looking at Sabina, he consoled, "He's not in any danger. He just passed out, but that's nothing t


"Relax. You let me get off the hook before this, and being an honest man, I have kept my promise to you. I already sent them to a camp of the Timber Deity Empire. Come with me, and I will let them go back to the Holy Dragon Empire," Woods calmly explained.

Rocky put down his hand and sat up. He brought out the magical saliva from his brocade bag, took two drops, and began to circulate the spiritual power in his body to treat his internal injuries.

Aware of what was happening, Woods let him be. All he could do was to simply stay by quietly watching.

About four hours later, Rocky's face turned ruddy again, his internal injuries gone, and his spiritual power stabilized. Apart from physical injuries, he was fine.

Finally, he opened his eyes and stared at Woods.

"It might feel like I'm forcing you to join the Timber Deity Empire, but I'm sure you won't regret it. I'm doing this because I believe you are a trustworthy person. If you help me ascend the throne, I can guarantee, I will make you my second in command," Woods promised solemnly. Woods believed that with the help of Rocky, his influence over the empire would shoot up. Besides, he could also count on his sister's power. That backing would make him raise him a notch above the other princes of Timber Deity Empire.

"Sorry, I don't think I'm interested at all," Rocky sneered. After all, he only pretended to betray the Holy Dragon Empire. He did this just to save Sabina and others.

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