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   Chapter 715 Gave Away Their Whereabouts

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7092

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While Rocky was being attacked by the pursuers of the Timber Deity Empire, the news about him shocked the Palace City of the Holy Dragon Empire.

After Rocky successfully attracted twenty thousand military forces of the Timber Deity Empire, the Timber Deity Empire became weaker than the Crimson Dragon Army in battle in the Deity Unicorn Valley. Thus, the Roaring Flame Empire suffered a great loss. In order to keep military forces, the Roaring Flame Empire announced to withdraw the army.

As the Roaring Flame Empire withdrew the army, the military forces of the Timber Deity Empire in the Deity Unicorn Valley became weak. The Crimson Dragon Army once again gained a huge advantage and they successfully defeated the Timber Deity Empire.

When the news reached the Palace City, the emperor and the military officials of the Holy Dragon Empire heaved a sigh of relief. They were impressed once again by Rocky's capacity and leadership. Back then Mont City had been occupied and Alston had been dreadfully defeated by Alyssa. Therefore, they lost the advantage that the Crimson Dragon Army fought hard to win.

This defeat resulted in some royal family members and people in the Palace City doubting Alston's ability. As a matter of fact, losing the battle between the Holy Dragon Empire and the Timber Deity Empire was worse than losing Mont City. After all, losing a battle could cause many problems. It could even cause the success of the Timber Deity Empire's secret conspiracy.

Alston was unable to keep the advantage of the Crimson Dragon Army. What's worse he had given the Timber Deity Empire a chance to turn the tables. If the Holy Dragon Empire had lost the battle, Alston would have undoubtedly been the one to blame.

Besides, Lena told the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire that there would be a catastrophe in the Holy Dragon Empire. He was worried that the catastrophe might be a result of being defeated by the Timber Deity Empire.

Therefore, the emperor and the military officials of the Holy Dragon Empire had been worrying about it even before the news came. They prepared for it and they

the very beginning, and he was sure that he knew who this someone was.

"Alston. I am quite sure that it must be Alston!" Angry as he was, he was determined to get themselves out of the situation first.

Rocky looked around and found that Woods had brought a few people with him, including three masters of the Heavenly Stage. Obviously, they were much more powerful than Rocky's team.

Under this situation, it was too difficult for Rocky to break out of the encirclement!

"Rocky, you can't get out of this situation. I am telling you that you'd better surrender! As long as you surrender, take my word that I can guarantee the safety of the others." Woods stared at Rocky and tried to persuade him since he knew that it was a good chance to make Rocky pledge allegiance to him. He would not miss this opportunity for any reason.

After saying that, Woods looked at Sabina who was next to Rocky. Sabina didn't say anything, but she was staring at the three masters of the Heavenly Stage. He knew that Sabina was too strong for the three masters of the Heavenly Stage. But as long as they could stall Sabina, Rocky and the others would not be able to escape.

"Are you out of your mind? No way!" Rocky's face darkened with rage, and he nodded at Sabina.

Sabina summoned Duchess Silver to help her. At the same time, Rocky summoned Uriah and Rubygon. They tried to break through from the west side.

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