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   Chapter 714 Live And Die Side By Side

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7852

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"Commander in Chief, please let us go with you..." At that moment, two men stood up as one of them spoke with a sincere tone.

"You two..." With curious eyes, Rocky looked over to the direction where the voice came from. To his surprise, Rocky saw that the people who stood up were Thor and Joss.

They hadn't often seen each other even since Rocky had transferred Thor and Joss from the logistics camp to here. However, whenever Rocky needed them, they would definitely show up. Although they used to live under the same roof, they were of totally different status now. Nonetheless, Rocky had always appreciated their enthusiasm and persistence.

"I swear to follow you anywhere, Commander in Chief."

"Me too!"

"I don't care even if we need to risk our lives. I'm ready to risk everything!"

After Thor and Joss took the lead with their bravery, a group of people also stood up. Several moments later, almost most of the soldiers and generals of the Crimson Dragon Army stood up. All of them were willing to follow Rocky to perform the dangerous task.

"You guys..." When he saw how many were willing to support him, Rocky was quite moved. He didn't expect that even in the face of danger, the soldiers would still support him and be willing to risk their lives with him.

Seeing this, Allen and the others did not say anything. They knew deep inside that Rocky had become the soul of the Crimson Dragon Army and he was even more important than the Commander in Chief Lance. The soldiers of the Crimson Dragon Army supported him very much. Of course, it was because of Rocky's charm and the courage he exhibited every time there was danger. That was also the reason why the soldiers of the Crimson Dragon Army could escape from death every time and turn the tide against the Timber Deity Empire.

Because of the limited time, Rocky quickly started his plans. With a quick glance, he immediately selected fifty soldiers with good physical strength. And since Thor and Joss bravely insisted on following him, he also took them with him.

"Commander in Chief, I, along with four other members of the Elite Regiment, am in charge of protecting you..." As he noticed that Rocky was ready, Allen proposed at once. After all, the top responsibility of the Elite Regiment was to protect the Commander in Chief.

"No, you guys must be respo

a-ha!" Rocky immediately shouted out loud as soon as he saw the giant shadow approached them from afar.

After she heard what Rocky had just said, Alyssa trembled with anger. With furious eyes, she immediately ordered all the soldiers to surround them.

When he noticed that the soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire were about to surround them, Rocky and his men, led by Louis, immediately headed to the west. Nonetheless, they were followed closely by the soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire.

However, Alyssa was well prepared. She had dispatched some troops in advance to ambush Rocky and waited for him to fall into the trap.

But the strange thing was that Alyssa didn't chase after Rocky herself. Otherwise, it was not that difficult for her to find him. Obviously, she had other plans or she just wanted to torture him slowly to vent her anger.

In that way, Rocky and his companions were attacked continuously as they ran west. However, with the help of Sabina, they were able to break out of the encirclement. Nonetheless, some of the fifty people were still injured or even killed after a day of struggle.

"Commander in Chief, after climbing over this mountain, we should be able to leave this place," Louis said as he stared at the long mountain range before his eyes.

Rocky nodded and turned back to look at the exhausted soldiers behind him. A frown painted his weary face as he was not sure if there would be any more enemies ahead. They were already too weak to defend themselves from any other attacks. The situation was too critical!

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