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   Chapter 713 Unafraid Of Death

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Chang Du Characters: 9007

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"Alyssa..." Rocky's eyes shuttered immediately at the sight of Alyssa, and all emotions were wiped off his face.

"Surprised? I saw through all of your plans," Alyssa taunted him. All the while, she had on a wide and menacing smirk that set off her lovely murderous eyes.

"How did you get here so fast? Your troops should've fallen behind a while back," Rocky asked although he didn't expect an answer from her convoluted mind. It did surprise him that the Timber Deity Empire forces could ambush them so accurately. The enemy forces should have already been left far behind, but no, they were right there, where they shouldn't have been. The only way that the enemy could arrive earlier than them—and with enough time to spare that they could lurk around in ambush—was if they knew the path that they would take. But how did they know which route they would take?

"Did you think that I would fall for your petty trick?" Alyssa fixed Rocky with an icy, unimpressed glare, as one would give a misbehaving child. But although she belittled his plans, she knew that they would probably have fallen for his trick, if not for the mysterious, black-robed, spirit manipulator who revealed the intelligence to her. It happened this way: one day, a spirit manipulator clothed in black robe gave her the information about the Crimson Dragon Army. She doubted the information at first, but then, she decided to divide her army into two. She set aside one group to pursue the Crimson Dragon Army led by Rocky, while the other group was sent on a roundabout way to this route, where she predicted that the Crimson Dragon Army would pass by in their effort to avoid the defense line of the Timber Deity Empire.

"I didn't expect that this game of cat and mouse would end so soon. But, even if you have caught me, there is no chance that the Timber Deity Empire would win," Rocky said with a cold smile. Even though they were caught off-guard by Alyssa, who had seen through their plans unexpectedly, he appeared calm and level-headed. There was no trace of anxiety or weakness in his unruffled appearance. But internally, his mind was running in circles, as he tried to figure out how Alyssa saw through their plans.

"You are wrong. If I get rid of you, the Crimson Dragon Army will fall under my control sooner or later. You were lucky that you escaped last time in the desolate village, but this time, your luck can't save you anymore!" Rocky's shoulder tensed minutely. It seemed like Alyssa was dead-set on killing him, and this time Rocky didn't have any back-up plans.

"Commander in Chief, we have no choice. We need to break through the encirclement with our full efforts," Allen, who was

y, Rocky felt this loss to his core. He was used to seeing blood and sacrifices in battles, but it didn't mean that he had grown callous. He still wanted to protect the surviving soldiers.

"There should be no problem." Louis nodded.

"If we go directly to the secret route, we will be easily detected. We should leave some soldiers here to distract the enemy's attention to make sure everything is safe. I could take some soldiers to attract them and cover you and the others so that you can secretly leave," Allen suggested.

"No, you don't need to do that. I am Alyssa's target, and she won't be tricked like that. It has to be me." Rocky shook his head firmly.

"You're the commander in chief of the Crimson Dragon Army. How could you be the bait? And it's a suicide mission to attract the enemy's attention," Marin immediately protested. She couldn't just watch, while Rocky decided to do something so dangerous.

"Marin is right. Commander in Chief, please let me do it," Allen agreed with Marin.

"I am the commander in chief. I make decisions," Rocky answered firmly before he stood up and walked towards the soldiers who were resting. He called out to them and said, "To ensure the safety of the whole army, I need fifty people together with me, to draw back the enemy. This is a dangerous mission, and I cannot assure your safety, so I won't force you. Remember, this is not an order. This is only a personal request!" Rocky studied his soldiers with an intense expression. He didn't want to risk any more of his soldiers, but he needed more people to complete this task.

Meanwhile, all the soldiers fell silent when Rocky spoke, but as soon as he was done speaking, a ruckus immediately erupted. They exchanged uncertain glances, as nobody dared to stand up at first.

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