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   Chapter 712 Being Ambushed

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When it was dark, Rocky told all the soldiers to rest where they were. It was already too dark and it would be dangerous for them to continue to march. They would move forward again after dawn.

When he saw that Rocky was leaning against a tree all alone, Allen walked over immediately and asked, "Commander in Chief, I heard that you would immediately return to the Imperial City after winning against the Timber Deity Empire, is this true?"

"I have no comment on that matter. Let's wait first until we win," Rocky said and smiled. In fact, he didn't plan to go to the Imperial City so soon. The reason he had promised Lance that he would return to the Imperial City was that he just wanted to satisfy him.

"After you return to the Imperial City, I wonder when I will have the chance to work with you again. It's really a pleasure to work with you, Commander in Chief! I will never forget this." The two hadn't spent a long time together, but Allen felt like they had been through life and death together for decades already. Even when he was working with Lance, Allen didn't have this kind of feeling. This feeling was new and pretty strange.

"Do not worry, I am sure that there will definitely be an opportunity for us to work together again in the future. But after winning against the Timber Deity Empire, won't you also leave the Crimson Dragon Group too?" Rocky knew that someone like Allen would not participate in any of the small battles. After the fight with the Timber Deity Empire, Allen would not stay either.

"The plan is that I might go back to the Ji Clan first. If only Sabina could come with me. My brother is always so concerned about her. He regretted that he let Sabina run away from home back then," Allen said as he let out a deep sigh. He really wanted Sabina to come home with him. He knew that his brother also missed Sabina very much.

"If you don't mind me asking, why did she run away from home?" Rocky asked curiously when he heard what Allen said.

"It's all because of my brother. And actually, it also has something to do with Alston," Allen said warily.

"Oh, can you tell me about that?" Rocky questioned closely.

"Frankly speaking, I shouldn't have told you

ve noticed that you are more talkative now than before. You have never acted like this before," Rocky said. He looked at Sabina with a sly smile on his face.

Upon hearing that, Sabina gave him a cold and dark look and turned to leave.

"As a matter of fact, you are so much better now than before. I really prefer the present you," Rocky shouted at the back of Sabina.

"Oh, who cares!" Sabina turned and retorted. Then she quickened her pace and left.

"It's amusing how women always say yes and mean no." The corners of Rocky's mouth lifted into a playful smirk.

After dawn, Rocky continued to lead the army forward. After several hours of marching, they were about to leave the area. As long as they left the area, they would be able to completely shake off the pursuers of the Timber Deity Empire.

However, everything seemed to go so smoothly that Rocky had a feeling of uneasiness.

Just as they were about to leave a pathway, three streams of people suddenly appeared from the three forks at the end of the pathway. They looked rather fierce and intimidating.

"Alert! There's an ambush!" Rocky was startled and planned to retreat. But they found that there were also a group of soldiers coming at them from their rear.

"Let's see where you are going to flee this time, Rocky Bai! You cannot escape."

At this moment, a beautiful figure appeared above Rocky's head. Then, the figure dropped from the sky like a fairy and landed in front of him.

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