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   Chapter 711 A Betrayal Of Information

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At the onset of darkness, Rocky and his army stationed themselves on a small hill, right across the campsite of the Timber Deity Army. The air provided a cool breeze as the bright moon settled above them.

For the past few days, Rocky and Alyssa had each displayed exceptional skills and leadership. It was a wild race, as Alyssa chased after Rocky relentlessly. Much as they had fought several minor battles, Rocky and his army were always one move ahead. This left Alyssa angry and frustrated.

Inside the tent, Rocky, Allen, Marin, Louis and the others spent the night discussing what to do next.

"Contrary to what you said, Alyssa did not retreat. Instead, she and her army chased after us. Commander in Chief, I think you underestimated her this time!" Marin said in a sarcastic tone.

"It looks like Alyssa will not give up on the chase. She will try to capture Rocky, no matter what," Allen said as he fixed his eyes on Rocky. This was within reason, because Rocky was a vital figure to the Crimson Dragon Army. If Alyssa wanted to defeat the Crimson Dragon Army, she must first deal with Rocky and defeat him. Even if there was a slim chance for her to win, she would not give up easily.

"Am I that charming?" Rocky said with raised eyebrows. A teasing smile spread across his face as he looked at the surrounding people.

"Commander in Chief, if we do not get rid of them, we will soon break into the defense line of the Timber Deity Empire," Louis said as he pointed at the location on the terrain map. Since Alyssa's army hunted them down persistently, they had no choice but to advance towards the Timber Deity Empire's defense line. If this went on, they would eventually be cornered and have no choice but to break into the enemy's defense line. Although the defense line did not have enough military forces, it was a point of no return the moment they got in.

"That is a serious problem," Rocky said in a serious tone and nodded.

"Do you have any suggestions, Louis?" Allen asked.

"For now, our only chance is to take advantage of this area which is less than three miles away from the Timber Deity Empire's defense line." Louis pointed at an area and continued, "The terrain in th

ignorant and unsuspecting; they could easily fall into your trap." The black-robed spirit manipulator delivered the information to Alyssa and left right after.

"Who is he?" After the black-robed spirit manipulator disappeared, Alyssa stayed inside the tent and did not pursue him. His identity puzzled her and made her wonder why he shared the information. She suspected that it was one of Rocky's schemes, but then realized it was unnecessary for him to play such a trick.

Alyssa was troubled. She was at a loss whether she should believe the information or not.

The next morning, Rocky continued to lead the army forward, while the Timber Deity Empire army chased after them closely. After a few days, Rocky and his army arrived at the said area. From a bird's-eye view, the entire terrain was like a spinning top with complicated twists and turns. It was surrounded by a dark, dense forest, and there were dangerous-looking streams and valleys everywhere.

"Louis, it depends on you now," Rocky said to Louis. He knew only Louis could navigate through the complex terrain with absolute precision. They could not afford to get lost or go around in circles. They needed to get away from the Timber Deity Empire army as soon as possible.

Louis nodded. He took out a compass from his pocket and started leading the way.

After a few hours of walking, the spies watching behind them reported to Rocky that the Timber Deity Empire army was no longer chasing them.

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