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   Chapter 708 Stop Talking Nonsense

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7899

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"Do we really need to drink wine?" Rocky asked as a confused look painted his face.

"Why are you so reluctant? Are you worried that I poisoned the wine?" Isis asked with a faint smile on her beautiful face. With the wine in her hands, she poured on to two cups and then gracefully sat down.

Rocky shrugged with an awkward smile. Afterward, he also sat down.

"Hey, do you remember our wedding night? We drank up the whole pot of wine." Isis looked sincerely at Rocky. With her cup in her hand, she raised it and proposed a toast.

"Yes, I do. A drunk woman held my hand so tightly. Ah, it was like torture for me," Rocky joked with a grin.

"You took advantage of me that time. You should drink a cup of wine as punishment!" Isis said with a petty yet charming voice.

When he heard such a remark from Isis' petite lips, Rocky was immediately aroused. However, when he met her charming eyes, he had no choice but to raise his cup and gulp down the wine.

After he drank the whole cup of wine, Rocky felt something was wrong with him. However, he didn't take it seriously. Isis just made up an excuse and proposed a toast to him. Suddenly, Rocky's eyes became blurry as he started to lose consciousness.

"I feel a little..." As his mind got a little hazy, Rocky shook his head. His eyelids became rather heavy, as if he was very tired.

A cold look flashed through Isis' eyes when she noticed Rocky's eyes were dimming. As Rocky was about to lose his consciousness, Isis whispered to herself, "Rocky, don't blame me."

Then, Rocky lost his balance. With a thud, he fell over the table.

Isis then caressed him and held him to bed.

After a long time, Rocky finally woke up. A wet sensation coursed through his body as he found himself in the bathtub. Haziness still filled his mind. All he remembered was that he was drinking with Isis before. However, he could not remember anything after that, as if he had lost his memories.

Just then, the door was pushed open. A figure suddenly walked in. It was Sue with a stack of clothes in her hands.

"Excuse me, Mr. Bai. Are you awake?" Sue said shyly as she noticed Rocky had opened his eyes.

"Why am I in the bathtub?" Confusion painted Rocky's face.

"Don't you remember what happened? You drank some wine last night with Miss Isis. However, you got so drunk and said that you wanted to

e had a scheme behind such words.

"It's rather rare for you to say something like that." Rocky coldly snorted. However, he still didn't believe that Alston would be so friendly and reasonable. Thus, Rocky guessed that Alston had a plan in mind.

"Anyway, you are my brother. I hope that you can make more contributions. This will be a great opportunity to make amends for your previous faults. Perhaps you will even obtain a chance to return to the Imperial City." Alston immediately extended his arms as a sign of his brotherhood.

"Save it! Deep inside, you wish I would never come back to the Imperial City. But it's not going to happen." Rocky looked straight into Alston's cold eyes. No matter what tricks Alston played, nothing could prevent him from returning to the Imperial City. As sure as the sun would rise, Rocky vowed to take back everything that belonged to him.

"If you can defeat the Timber Deity Empire, I will immediately take you back to the Imperial City. I'll even plea with father to forgive you and absolve you of your sins," Alston said in an unusually kind and pleasant manner. However, his eyes blinked constantly as if he was trying hard to hide something.

"Hmm... I think that's a good offer." Rocky pretended to be satisfied with their agreement. In fact, he was sure that Alston had some evil schemes planned. However, he couldn't just watch the Crimson Dragon Army be destroyed by Alston. Therefore, Rocky not only had to lead the Crimson Dragon Army to defeat the Timber Deity Empire, but also had to be careful of Alston's plot.

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