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   Chapter 707 I Cannot Stop Loving Him

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"Keep this secret between us. You can't tell him, or else, he'll get annoyed. I know this sounds ridiculous, but he and I are not a real couple. What everyone thought of us was a sham. Our relationship was only a deal," Isis pleaded Sabina. She grabbed her hands and asked for understanding, making it hard for Sabina to refuse her request.

"I promise you that I won't tell a single soul. But you have to think it over. It's your own life that's at stake here," Sabina replied with a heavy sigh. Now that things had gone this far, she was in no position to judge Isis or Rocky in what they had done. After hesitating for a while, she took a fancy bottle from one of her pockets and handed it over to Isis. "The powder inside this bottle can wipe away a part of his memory. With only a small amount of it, people could forget what they have done during the past two hours. Should you decide to do this and at the same time not cause him any trouble, it is best that you let him take just a tiny dose. In this way, he'll never know what he's experienced. But you still have to promise me that you will keep this secret until you die. Rocky must never know about it. And I am the only person who can tell him."

On the other side, Isis was confused as she did not expect that Sabina would even help her with this. But as much as Sabina was so eager to help her, Isis could not help but feel upset about her suggestions.

"I won't let him know. I swear," Isis replied with certainty as she took the bottle in her own hands.

Sabina gave her a cold glance and then vanished in an instant.

Meanwhile, Alston was frustrated with the enemy as days went by. Being at the front line against the Timber Deity Empire, he became furious when he heard the news that Rocky had won Mont City back from the Holy Sea Empire. Words could not explain how dejected and disappointed he was that Rocky could make winning seem easy. Alston had tried his very best to destroy any possibility that would make Rocky return to the eyes of the people. But no matter how hard he tried, his efforts were still in vain. Rocky had made such a huge achievement, but things were not good for Alston. He was nothing but a pathetic and ambitious leader who could not even settle things in the Crimson Dragon Army.

"Your Royal Highness, I just got the news. General Lance has announced the removal of positions of both Rocky and his daughter. The couple will be heading to the Imperial City soon." One of Alston's henchmen came in and reported.

"What did you say?" Alston's face froze for a moment as he was in disbelief. 'This is the last thing I want to happen! If Rocky and Isis are planning to go to the Imperial City and see the emperor, then the emperor would probably recognize that Rocky is no other than Prince Basil!' Alston thought. With Rocky's popularity in the Crimson Dragon Group plus the great contribution he had just made, the emperor would most certainly forgive

he lacked in the number of forces that he had, Rocky was still at ease that he had successfully taken the first step.

Later, Rocky returned to his room to pack up his things as soon as he finished his chat with Lance. But as soon as he was about to inform Isis, she already came to him with Sue, who held a tray in her hands. On the tray were wine cups and a wine pot.

"Father mentioned that you are going to the main camp to help the eldest prince," Isis asked and looked at him straight in the eyes.

"Right. You know I won't go back to the Imperial City. That's a perfect excuse for me. But if Alston keeps on acting like that, then the Crimson Dragon Army will lose. I'm not going to help him. Instead, I am keeping my word on helping the Crimson Dragon Army defeat the Timber Deity Empire. And besides, if I refuse, Alston will look for more trouble from your father," Rocky explained to Isis patiently.

"But what about the thing that I have asked you to consider? Have you decided on it?" Isis asked directly, gluing her eyes on Rocky.

"I can't, Isis. I'm sorry, but can't agree with you on this one," Rocky rejected her offer, after hesitating for a while.

"I knew you would say that. Forget it, I won't force you any longer. After all, this is just my opinion. Naturally, you turned me down based on your perspective," Isis said softly, with a little bit of regret in her voice.

"Thank you for your understanding." Rocky might have rejected the offer as peacefully and as kindly as possible, but he felt a kind of inexplicable guilt coming up in his heart.

"And by the way, do you have a minute to spare? Can we talk for a while before you go? I've decided to go back to the Imperial City without you. And I don't know when, but I'll surely meet you again next time," Isis asked and at the same time instructed Sue to put the tray on the table beside Rocky.

Without hesitation, Sue put the tray down, bowed to them, and left the room.

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