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   Chapter 704 A Completely New Appraisal

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"Commander in Chief, the Holy Sea Empire seems to be aware that they fell into a trap, so they didn't dispatch reinforcements. It looks like they have learned from their mistakes. They should have roughly ten thousand soldiers left in Mont City, while our soldiers are only ten thousand. To say the least, even though we have the same strength of troops as that of the Holy Sea Empire, it will be difficult to take Mont City back," Allen reported to Rocky.

"I see... It's time to have words with the Holy Sea Empire," Rocky replied as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Rocky, are you planning to negotiate with them?" Isis couldn't help but ask.

Likewise, the others turned their gaze to Rocky in astonishment. After all, none of them believed that the Holy Sea Empire would be willing to negotiate, so they didn't even think of it as an option.

"I have to try. If we end this battle through negotiations, it will be a win-win situation." Truthfully, Rocky also felt uncertain about his idea. Like them, he doubted its feasibility, but he was more concerned about the people who could lose their lives if the battle continued. Besides, the Holy Sea Empire had also sustained great losses, so it was the best time to do it.

Four hours later, Rocky arrived at the broken south gate of Mont City with Isis, Allen, and Sabina in tow.

The broken gate was so heavily guarded by the soldiers of the Holy Sea Empire that even a fly wouldn't be able to get through. And as they walked and saw all the heavy security, Rocky felt better about his decision.

The guards tensed and stood at the ready when Rocky and his companions approached from in front.

"I'm the Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Army. We came here to negotiate with your Commander in Chief!" Rocky called out, as soon as they were within hearing distance. He kept his expression confident, and he infused his voice with as much calm as possible.

Murmurs echoed from the soldiers but no one replied to Rocky.

"It looks like they're not willing to negotiate with us," Isis murmured in disappointment. She had been hopeful when they approached, but nobody dared to acknowledge them now. How could she even think that this idea was plausible?

"Don't worry, just wait." Rocky remained calm beside her as if he was still waiting for som


Meanwhile, Clark didn't know how to react. He was astonished that Rocky, who was so young, could be so confident and aggressive.

He gaped in shock when Rocky turned to walk away without an ounce of hesitation. He called out, "Please wait a moment!"

Rocky who still had his back on Clark, let a cunning smirk curve on his lips. Clark was just bluffing, and the soldiers of the Holy Sea Empire had lost their confidence. He knew that they had no will to fight, even though they had conquered Mont City. Thus, he anticipated that Clark would stop him from leaving.

"Any advice?" Rocky turned to Clark and asked.

"I have two conditions. If you fulfill them, I will withdraw our army," Clark hesitantly proposed.

"I'm listening." This time, Rocky turned his full attention to Clark and sat back down.

"First, we will continue our alliance," Clark started. When the Holy Sea Empire started this battle, they had essentially broken their alliance with the Holy Dragon Empire, which was a reasonable excuse for the Holy Dragon Empire to attack them in return. If that happened, the Holy Sea Empire would not be able to bear the consequences, as they were just a small country.

"No problem." Rocky nodded easily.

"Second, we hope that the Holy Dragon Empire could protect the Holy Sea Empire from danger and provide reinforcements if needed in the future," Clark added. This time, he had a worried look on his face, as if he was especially concerned with this condition.

Of course, this detail didn't escape Rocky's attention.

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