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   Chapter 703 Get Him Right Away

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"Commander in Chief Rocky!" As soon as Commander York saw Rocky at the city gate, a joyous expression appeared on his face.

"I'll stay here to block the pursuers for some time. While I hold them off, you then take these people all to the south. Someone will pick you up then," Rocky immediately ordered Commander York.

"Yes, sir!" As he bowed, Commander York immediately took the order. Then with a wave of his hand, he continued to rush out of the south gate with the flow of people.

At that time, several thousand troops of the Holy Sea Empire army were coming. But along the way, they met with a fierce resistance. Due to that, they didn't catch up with the flow of people for the time being.

Under the moonlight, a slender figure and a silvery beast shadow were swaying gracefully in the sky. The figures were almost as majestic as fairies. Each time they moved, they carried an astonishing deadly skill. Wherever it passed, the frost condensed and the wind furiously roared.

When he saw that the Holy Sea Empire army was approaching, Rocky waved his Flaming Blade of Frozen Wind Dagger again and rushed forward like the wind. The three beasts around him also charged towards the enemy.

With an unstoppable momentum, Rocky's enemies perceived that he was overpowering.

Wearing a ferocious look on his face, Rocky raised his dagger and slashed it remorselessly. The deadly slashes violently displayed his ruthless nature. Akin to a god of war, he wreaked havoc in the battlefield. Wherever his figure appeared, blood splashed out, and hysterical screams echoed.

The soldiers of the Holy Sea Empire were all stunned and completely frightened by Rocky's imposing momentum. They felt that the person in front of them was not a human at all, but the incarnation of the Devil!

Even the commander of the Holy Sea Empire army did not dare to personally join the battle. As he stayed in the back lines, he commanded the spirit manipulators and soldiers to fight against Rocky.

Unfortunately, with the help of the three beasts, Rocky was so powerful that he rushed from one end of the battlefield to the other without difficulty. Wherever he went, there were dead bodies scattered everywhere. Chaos and blood trailed his every charge. Although the Holy Sea Empire army had thousands of soldiers, they could do nothing to stop Rocky.

"Although that fellow's strength i

on a cliff ahead of the army.

"Damn it! They've lured us into a trap. Everybody, focus on escaping first!" The commander was startled. However, he immediately gave the order and led his army to break out.

"Now!" A fearless command echoed from Rocky's mouth. After they heard Rocky's order, the people who surrounded the Holy Sea Empire army retreated all of a sudden. They all dispersed from where they were before.

When they saw that the attackers retreated, the Holy Sea Empire Army thought their enemies were afraid of death. As such, the warriors of the Holy Sea Empire army rushed out like a headless fly. However, after they rushed for a while, their commander was completely lost. Because of the panic, the forces behind were dispersed unconsciously.

At that time, screams and fighting could be heard from all directions. Chaos and blood were everywhere. Soon, the whole place became a hell-like battlefield.

Hours later, the thousands of soldiers of the Holy Sea Empire were completely eliminated while the Crimson Dragon Army had only lost less than two thousand soldiers. It could be said that the Crimson Dragon army gained a great victory!

Not long after the battle, Allen and the five members of the Elite Regiment came back almost unscathed.

"Allen, thanks for your hard work," Rocky said in a sincere tone. If Allen and the five members of the Elite Regiment hadn't tried to pin down other troops of the Holy Sea Empire, the enemy's reinforcements would have arrived. Therefore, Allen and his people had made great contributions to the success of the plan!

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