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   Chapter 702 The Rescue Plan

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Rocky whistled three times. This was the signal they agreed upon, and from out of nowhere someone whistled three consecutive times to acknowledge Rocky.

After he had figured out the direction, Rocky quietly made a move to approach a man in armor. The man was sitting on the ground. His body was covered in bruises, while his hands and feet were tied with iron chains.

"Are you Commander York?" Rocky asked in a low voice.

"Yes." The man nodded.

"I'm Rocky," Rocky said, as he introduced himself to the man.

"You are Commander in Chief Rocky? Finally, you're here!" Commander York's dark face lit up in excitement.

"We're trying our best to get you out of here, but I need your cooperation," Rocky whispered.

Commander York nodded.

Rocky then told the commander about the rescue plan.

"Do you understand?" Rocky asked.

Commander York nodded in agreement.

"I will meet you at the south city gate later. Don't worry. Someone will protect you once you get there. I promise, I will get you out of here alive!" Rocky looked at Commander York sincerely as he promised.

Rocky untied the iron chains and before long, freed Commander York from the spiritual power which sealed his meridians. He then quietly sneaked out of the fence to meet Sabina.

"Sabina, everyone is ready. I will go to the south city gate now. Please stay on guard here," Rocky instructed.

"Okay," Sabina agreed, as worry filled her heart. It was a daunting task, but this was all part of the plan.

"Be careful," Rocky said as he saw the worry in Sabina's eyes. He then left the market and rushed towards the south city gate.

Soon after, a loud explosion was heard on the east side the Mont City. Wild, angry flames rose to the sky, and startled the people all over the city.

This caught the attention of the Holy Sea Empire soldiers who were guarding the Mont City. The soldiers assumed it was an attack from the enemy, so a large number of them immediately rushed towards the east side of the Mont City. A moment later, another violent explosion was heard. This time, it was at the west side of the Mont City. Rows of houses burned to the ground as smoldering fire consumed the streets. Alarmed, numerous soldiers swarmed towards the west side of the Mont City.

This was Sabina's signal. Hidden somewhere in the market, she stepped out and made her move. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of the guards.

"Who are you?" The guards were startled with her sudden appearance.

"I'm the one who will kill all of you,"

oved closer, and this move was enough to scare the pursuing soldiers. The terrified soldiers retreated out of the city gate, screaming.

At that exact moment, Rocky's figure appeared like a ghost. His entire being illuminated by a black light that seemed to come out of his body. He walked behind the three beasts, swinging the Frozen Wind Dagger in his hand. He then released the Moon Blades as he walked forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of violent explosions resounded in the air, followed by a black, thick smoke that rose from the ground.

Rocky appeared out of the smoke and approached the city gate.

"Stop him!" the guard leader shouted. Several Holy Sea Empire soldiers continued to guard the city gate.

After Rocky took out the Dragon Flame Pearl and injected it with the spiritual power. It instantly became bright and dazzled. On Rocky's signal, the Dragon Flame Pearl flew into the air, and released countless beams like fire dragons in the atmosphere. It danced in mid-air, releasing powerful heat waves that swept the ground like bushfire.

In a flash, the Dragon Flame Pearl dashed towards the gate like a falling meteorite.

The guards were too stunned to move.


Wild flames rose into the air as the Dragon Flame Pearl burst open the city gate. The impact threw the surrounding guards hundreds of meters away from the gate.

Rocky took back the Dragon Flame Pearl and signaled at the enormous figures behind him. The ground trembled as the three beasts rushed towards him in an instant.

Pursued by thousands of soldiers from the Holy Sea Empire, the captives were now close enough to the city gate. Escape was now possible and within reach.

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