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   Chapter 701 A Midnight Raid

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"Yes, it is the area south of Mont City. As a rugged terrain sprinkled with cliffs and alleys, this area is perfect for laying an ambush on the enemy," said Louis, pointing at the area on the map.

"Perfect! Exactly that's the kind of battleground I need. My plan is simple. Lure part of the Holy Sea Empire army into this area and fight them. The terrain alone should be enough to throw them off balance. Once they take the bait, the current slim advantage they have will be as good as gone. They'd need nothing short of a miracle to win a battle here," Rocky declared, rubbing his chin.

Thinking through Rocky's proposal, Isis wanted to make sure they had an airtight plan. "But how will we manage to lure only a part of the Holy Sea Empire army there? We should not assume that it will be a walk in the park, if they deploy huge numbers, beyond our normal capacity," Isis asked.

"Credible sources indicate they have taken many prisoners of war. Both civilians and military, the prisoners, are now held captive in Mont City. We can save the prisoners and fool the Holy Sea Empire army into deploying forces to this area. I'm sure they won't realize it's a trap we are setting." Rocky put aside the map and squinted, leaving Isis time to ponder too.

"Sneaking into Mont City is risky business, let alone saving the prisoners of war. Besides, we don't have enough people. Only Sabina, you and I can sneak into the city," Isis said, scratching at her temple.

"It's not as hard as you think!" someone quipped—a man's deep voice that resonated, from behind her.

She turned to check who had spoken at the back. "Head Allen," she called out cheerily. She was stunned to see him.

What time had he walked in?

"Thanks for coming, Head Allen." Rocky gave Allen a grateful smile. Actually, he had sent a message to Allen on his way to Mont City, hoping Allen could bring a few members of the Elite Regiment to help him.

"It's my pleasure," Allen replied, still walking with relaxed strides.

"How many members did you bring along?" asked Rocky, straight away.

"Well, I brought only five. The crown prince would notice it if I bring too many people. You said we shouldn't let him know," Allen explained.

"Five is enough." Rocky nodded, holding his hands loosely behind the back. Sure, he didn't need too many people.

With the help of Allen and the five other members of the Elite Regiment he had brought, it would be easier for them to carry out the plan. Encouraged by that extra team he now had at his disposal, Rocky began preparations for the rescue operation.

Leaving nothing to chance, Rocky planned to take action before dawn. The timing was essential, and his chance of success would depend on a quick

cter and abilities. So he chose not to badger her with endless questions. Instead, he assured her of his willingness to help her, just in case she was in trouble. He wished her well, and let her go.

At midnight, the moon was silent.

Outside Mont City, a group of eight men found an unguarded section of the wall. Stealthily, they made their way through. Then quickly, they moved on to another section, sneaking up on the soldiers on duty unawares. Deftly they killed the guards without raising an alarm. Then they dispersed quickly and began a rescue operation.

Two of them quickly ran towards the market in the western part of the city. According to their intelligence, the captured soldiers and civilians were all locked up in the temporary cell at the market.

Of the eight-man squad running the operation, it was Rocky and Sabina took the responsibility of breaking in at this particular cell.

Quickly, they got to the market, and crept up the roof. At long last, they reached the center of the market, where thousands of prisoners were crammed into one fenced area. On seeing the two strangers, the prisoners nervously huddled up together. They looked so feeble and famished. It was clear some of them had been physically tortured, judging from their painful groaning. It was a heartbreaking sight of pain and misery.

There were about a hundred soldiers, among them a few spirit manipulators, on duty guarding the place. However, they were spaced too far apart and most were asleep, so they couldn't notice any unusual activity.

"I'll sneak in and meet the commander," Rocky whispered to Sabina.

Sabina nodded in agreement.

Quickly, Rocky climbed down the roof and went straight to one corner of the fence. Carefully dodging the guards, he soon sneaked inside the fence without their knowledge.

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