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   Chapter 699 A Slouch In The Army

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On the other side, just as Rocky had expected, since the Holy Sea Empire had lost twenty thousand soldiers, the massive loss left their morale so badly battered. For the time being, they could not even dare to attack the three cities anymore. Their remaining fifteen thousand troops stayed back in Mont City.

Still stationed in Heaven Unicorn City, Rocky had also received the news from Allen. He learned that Alston had failed to break the defensive line of the Timber Deity Empire. Furthermore, the Timber Deity Empire had gained reinforcements and counterattacked Crimson Dragon Army with the help of the Roaring Flame Empire. With their backs against the wall, the Crimson Dragon Army had now withdrawn to their main camp.

"Alston has always been such a slouch!" Rocky snorted in disappointment. As he spoke, a chilling coldness suddenly clouded his eyes. With great efforts, he had established an advantage for Crimson Dragon Army. But now, all that cushion was gone—easily given away by Alston, as if it didn't mean anything to him. But Rocky had foreseen the disaster. For all he knew, neither had Alston showed any particular skill nor a real personal drive to succeed. He may have had his strengths, but that burning desire as you'd expect of a great army general, Alston never had.

"Besides reprisals by Timber Deity and Roaring Flame Empires, there is another big problem. The Mont City has fallen to the Holy Sea Empire. We have to take back the city as soon as possible. Otherwise, we may have a hard time if we sit back and watch. Once the Holy Sea Empire brings in reinforcements, it will not be easy for us." Isis worried.

"You could be right in what you are suggesting, but as things stand, our forces can't take on the Holy Sea Empire army at all. Already, we have lost thousands of our soldiers while fighting in Heaven Unicorn City," Commander Qin said.

"The terrain of Mont City is easy to defend and launch attacks. As such, it will be difficult to retake the city without enough military forces," Louis added.

"That's right. Our forces, including those recruited in Yu City, and the garrison, are no more than five thousand. We should not even imagine taking them on, without further reinforcements and a pretty good strategy," agreed Rocky, nodding solemnly. With the current situation, he knew it would take nothing less of a miracle to launch a successful attack. Without major changes in tactics and massive revamping of their forces, such a bold step was almost unthinkable.

"Our best bet at the moment is, if we can force Flank to surrender the five thousand soldiers of Grande City. That way, at least, we'd have some momentum going for us. In any case, Flank is deserving of such severe action against him. For heaven's sake, he disobeyed our or

ommander, you deserve capital punishment for fleeing with your soldiers on the spot. It's shameful that you made our armies look as though we enlisted flower girls, instead of people who would die defending their flag," Rocky said expressionlessly.

"His Royal Highness promised me he would not hold me accountable for what happened when I ignored your orders. Otherwise, I would not have dared, I swear!" Flank said. But there was a phony tinge to his words. It was as if he was not worried. Not the least bit.

"Are you sure of what you're talking about? Do you know why Alston let you flee?" Rocky quizzed further, squinting in suppressed anger.

"Eh..." Flank really had no idea of it. Sheepishly, he just followed contradictory orders. And he was swayed by Alston's empty promises so he had hidden his five thousand soldiers in Grande City.

"He wanted to take revenge on me, so he intentionally forced you to withdraw the army, which led to the loss of Mont City. So I should take responsibility for the loss. However, if he wants to cover up for the treasonable offence, I'm pretty sure your life would be on the line. If you leaked the secret someday, it would be dangerous for him! I am sure he will kill you afterwards. Are you still back him?" Rocky sneered.

At those words, sudden panic gripped Flank's heart like a hurricane. In his stomach, it was as if the glass of wine he had taken was heating up. A discomfort that felt like a cluster of spark plugs had gone off, making things boil and roil in his tummy. On his face, the tension grew, thoughts whirling in his head, as though a maniac had hijacked his faculties. But pulling himself together with great effort, he steadied his breathing. "No way," he blurted, animatedly shaking his head. "I'm very loyal to His Royal Highness. I would bet my bottom dollar that he won't kill me!"

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