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   Chapter 697 The New Strategy

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The next afternoon, Rocky got to the Yu City with his army of eight thousand soldiers. They were joined by Louis and Sabina, who had arrived earlier to explore the terrain of the city for their new strategy.

After all the troops encamped, Rocky gathered a few people to discuss the strategy that would be used to deal with the Holy Sea Empire's army.

"Louis, have you found the terrain that can be used to separate the forces of the enemy? This detail is crucial to our new strategy," Rocky asked as soon as they sat down. He got a report from their spy that the forces of the Holy Sea Empire were more than twenty thousand. While at the moment, Rocky's current forces were only about ten thousand including the troops of the garrison in the Yu City. He was certain that if the forces of the Holy Sea Empire couldn't be divided, they were obviously at a disadvantage. With this, they needed a new strategy since he couldn't risk to be defeated by the Holy Sea Empire. The risk of this plan was that the Holy Sea Empire troops might dispatch forces to attack the Heaven Unicorn City. Rocky was worried that even if he could resist the attack from the armies of the Holy Sea Empire, the Crimson Dragon Army would be unable to spare any part of it. And if worse comes to worst, all of their forces might be consumed later. At the time being, his countermeasure was to actively attack the enemy to have a breakthrough. So it was important to find a good terrain to distract the forces of the enemy.

"Yes, but you should know that we found there's still difficulty in it," Louis answered as he nodded his head.

"Tell me what it is then," Rocky said abruptly.

"The three sides of Yu City are surrounded by the river, so the only direction that the Holy Sea Empire army can attack us is through the fan-shaped area in the south side. This fan-shaped area is basically a plain terrain, so it is almost impossible to have an ambush. It will also be hard for us to dispatch the forces of the enemy there. With this, the south side is not the best option for us to station our troops. But upon my analysis of the city, I still found an ideal place which we can make use of to separate the enemy in two. If we succeed, then I am sure we will have an advantage," Louis said as he analyzed the situation. He pointed to the relief map around the Yu City.

"Where is this ideal place?" Rocky asked immediately. He was interested in it and got closer to the map.

"That area is in front of the city gate. The soil in this area is soft, and it is very close to the river in

a Empire panicked.

"Don't panic. The Crimson Dragon Army is no match for the mighty Holy Sea Empire troops. Our backup will come up soon. In the meantime, kill them all!" the leading commander of the Holy Sea Empire shouted to stabilize the situation and uplift the spirit of the army.

All of a sudden, a delicate figure appeared in front of the commander. Her strong aura of the Supernal Stage was revealed, shocking the commander to death.

And before the commander could react, a fierce frost power attacked him. Although this commander was a master of the Heavenly Stage, he was instantly frosted into an ice sculpture with his horse and then was smashed into pieces like a glass due to the big gap in the strength between them.

"The commander died! What are we going to do now? The commander died... " the soldiers around shouted desperately.

When they saw that their commander died, the Holy Sea Empire army fell apart abruptly and lost all hopes as well as their desire to fight.

Under the attack of the Crimson Dragon Army led by Isis and Sabina, the vanguard of the Holy Sea Empire had no chance to resist at all.

And because of the obstruction by the ditch, the main force of the Holy Sea Empire army could not do anything but watch their vanguard being tortured and slaughtered. The two commanders of the Holy Sea Empire troops had to adjust their forces immediately. And they tried their very best to bypass the ditch to attack the Crimson Dragon Army.

By the time the army from the Holy Sea Empire bypassed the ditch and arrived, all the members of the vanguard had been completely annihilated. While only less than a thousand Crimson Dragon Army soldiers were injured or killed.

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