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   Chapter 696 Now Or Never

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The priority at that moment was to hang on to Yu City, so they could impede the attacking plan of Holy Sea Empire. As long as their attacking process was interrupted, Rocky would be able to take control of the situation.

Not to waste any time, Rocky immediately called together all the soldiers in Heaven Unicorn City to get ready, and they were marching to Yu City over the night. Since it was supposed to take them less than one day to get there, they should be able to arrive earlier than the troops of Holy Sea Empire, and with this time difference, they would get sufficient time to prepare to fight. And they must have a miraculous trick to defeat the enemy. Otherwise, all their previous efforts would come in vain.

As the night was getting dark, Rocky left Heaven Unicorn City with the eight thousand soldiers. With great haste, they immediately headed to Yu City. In the meantime, Rocky also sent spies to monitor the movements of Holy Sea Empire's troops. The spies were preventing that their enemy feinted and pretended to go east while in reality, they were attacking west.

Rocky and his soldiers arrived at Yu City as planned. While on the other side, the news that Mont City had been occupied by Holy Sea Empire alarmed everyone in Palace City.

The position of Mont City was important, and taking it, Holy Sea Empire could attack surrounding small cities with little efforts, which would consolidate their advantages. On the other hand, Crimson Dragon Army was concentrating on fighting with Timber Deity Empire and was unable to spare any time to get Mont City back. The emperor might be able to call forces from other legions, but it would take them at least a couple of days to get there. At that time, the small cities around might have been controlled by Holy Sea Empire already. In that case, it would be hard and would take time to take them back.

The emperor hurriedly called the Priest Dean and several other chief officers, which included Marcia. All of them together had an emergency meeting to decide their next plan.

"Your Majesty, the loss of Mont City puts our country in a dangerous position. We need to do something to get out of such an unfavorable situation as soon as possible. In my opinion, we need to make another negotiation with Holy Sea Empire. This is probably the best choice for us now," the foreign minister suggested as he bowed to the emperor.

"Foreign minister, I'm afraid that I can't agree with you. Don't you see that Holy Sea Empire has clearly shown that they won't negotiate. The eldest prince has presented himself in the front-lines, but they didn't give a damn about it. I suggest it's better to gather our men from Gehenna Border and take Mont City back. The only way to keep our country and people safe is true military strength. Negotiation won't do this time. Trust me!" The military officer had a completely different opinion.

Soon, the officers were divided into two parties. One supported to solve the problem with diplomatic measures while the others advocated force. As the two parties tried to win the emperor's agreement to their suggestion, t

e'll just have to wait and see," Priest Dean said once again with a confident tone.

"Priest Dean, leading an army is not as simple as you thought. We need to pay close attention to the Timber Deity Empire. Otherwise, we will suffer a tremendous loss," Marcia sneered as she stared daggers at the priest.

"You are thinking too much, General Marcia. Actually, I'm more worried about Commander in Chief Rocky than the eldest prince. He may think that he can save the small cities, but I think that he is just overconfident about his abilities. In case he fails to save one of them, what can you say about it?" Priest Dean continued to mock Marcia and her belief in Rocky.

"Military officer, how many of those small cities are around Mont City?" After he thought for a while, the emperor asked impatiently.

"There are three of them, Your Majesty," without any hesitation, the military officer immediately replied.

"If the Holy Sea Empire marched to attack all of them, how long will it take them to capture them all? Do you have any idea?" a grim expression painted the emperor's face as he asked once again.

"At least ten day, Your Majesty," after he thought for a moment, the military officer replied honestly.

"Then, we still have some time. Let's see what Alston will do first. If he can break through the defense line of the Timber Deity Empire and still have time to mobilize soldiers to support Rocky, then he might be able to take Mont City back," a firm decision was said by the emperor. It seemed that he also chose to believe in the eldest prince.

Marcia bowed to the emperor and left the hall without saying anything more. A troubled expression painted her pretty face as she stopped right in front of the gate and looked at the direction where the war was going on. With her soft lips, she murmured, "Hold on, Basil! Don't let me down. Don't let Alston win over you! If you lose this time, it will be impossible for you to start over. It's now or never!" A deep sigh escaped her mouth. Then, she cracked a mysterious smile and suddenly disappeared.

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