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   Chapter 693 Let's Fight Then

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"Of course, I know you don't need my money. You can keep all of it if you want. But at this moment, we have to recruit soldiers as soon as possible," Rocky said so they could get back to the point. He didn't know when the Holy Sea Empire would attack Yu City, but he had to finish recruiting before they attacked. It didn't even matter if they couldn't recruit a force that can defeat the enemy. What was important was that they could at least fight.

"I'll take care of recruiting for the military. I know you're already working on the plan to fight against the Holy Sea Empire, so there's no need for you to worry about the recruitment," Isis said considerately, which elicited a tender smile from Rocky.

"All right, just wait for me here. I'll go to my Magic Spiritual Space and bring you the things we talked about. Tonight, you can call together all the rich men of Heaven Unicorn City to hold a small auction. I think they will be sold faster that way." With that decided, Rocky opened the Magic Spiritual Space and walked in.

Isis sighed. It had been a while since Rocky entered the Magic Spiritual Space, and he hadn't come back yet. At the same time, she couldn't help but wonder how his Magic Spiritual Space could hold so many spirit-manipulated beasts. Although she knew that she should respect Rocky's privacy, she couldn't stop herself from entering the Magic Spiritual Space out of curiosity.

As soon as she stepped foot inside, she froze in shock and looked around in disbelief. She was as shocked as Sabina, that time when she accidentally entered Rocky's Magic Spiritual Space. It was eerily similar to a farm. There were houses and beasts, and there were even three gigantic figures not far away. Uriah and other beasts were there as well.

"Are those..." Isis studied the three giant figures intently and gasped as if she had just realized something.

But before she could do anything else, somebody coughed behind her. "Ahem!"

The sound pulled Isis out of her mind to find Rocky, who was standing in front of her with a bamboo basket in his hand. Inside the basket, there were a lot of materials and rare items collected from wild spirit-manipulated beasts. As a regular customer of Super Beast Farm, Isis knew that these materials an

sis left Rocky to give him some peace. So, he immediately returned to studying the terrain of Yu City. But since he wasn't familiar with the terrain, and Yu City had an especially difficult terrain, it wasn't a walk in the park. He couldn't easily figure out which terrain they could take advantage of. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't an expert on the topic, and the said expert was still on his way.

As it was getting dark, Rocky sighed deeply and finally took his attention away from the terrain map. He found that the terrain of Yu City was quite unique. It was surrounded by water, and as such, there was only one way to get to the city. That made it very difficult to fight against the army of the Holy Sea Empire.

"If only Louis was here," Rocky groaned.

Just as the words came out of his mouth, a figure walked into the tent.

"Commander in Chief." The figure stepped forward quickly and bowed respectfully to Rocky.

"Louis? You came just in time!" Rocky was overjoyed. He instantly got up and drew him to his seat with a bright smile, then he pointed at the terrain map on the table and said, "This is the terrain map of Yu City. Will you check it out for ideal places to conduct our attack?"

At once, Louis nodded, as his whole focus shifted to the terrain map, and he started carefully examining it.

Meanwhile, Rocky turned back to the door, only to find a girl there. It seemed that she had followed Louis into the room, and he just failed to see her in his excitement for Louis.

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