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   Chapter 692 Had Another Plan

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Another day passed in Heaven Unicorn City. In the temporary camp of the Crimson Dragon Army located inside the city, Rocky was occupied with studying the terrain map of Yu City.

"Senior Commander Rocky." He looked up, as Fleming walked in with a somber expression on his face.

"Do you have any information?" Rocky asked immediately, to which Fleming nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, sir. It's from Mont City." "Mont City?" Rocky remarked with an eyebrow quirked up in interest.

"What's it about?" He probed further when Fleming didn't speak at once. "According to our intelligence officers, more than two thousand soldiers of Crimson Dragon Army and three thousand common people were captured when the Holy Sea Empire occupied Mont City."

Fleming paused, breathed deeply, and then continued, "There are some survivors. It appears that the Holy Sea Empire has shown them mercy and didn't kill them all."

Rocky nodded with an impassive expression. He was relieved that there were survivors, but it was too early to celebrate. More than that, he needed to make sure that the information was reliable, so he asked, "Where did they get this information?"

"It came from a deputy commander who has been captured. He learned that we withdrew the army to Heaven Unicorn City, so he secretly sent us this information," Fleming readily replied. "That's good."

Rocky nodded, as some tension drained from his stiff posture. "Try to keep in touch with him so that we can get more information about Mont City and the Holy Sea Empire's army," he added.

"Yes, sir!" Fleming saluted before he bowed and left the room to do as he was bid.

As soon as Fleming stepped outside, Isis rushed in with a panicked expression on her ashen face.

"What's wrong?" Rocky asked, immediately alarmed. After all, Isis wasn't someone who was easily shaken, so to see her in such a state was disquieting.

She had a letter clutched to her hand so tightly that Rocky was afraid it would be torn to pieces. He reached out and gently took it from her.

His face darkened, as he read further into the letter. It informed them that the Crimson Dragon Army couldn't send them reinforcements, and Rocky was ordered to buy time and defend Heaven Unicorn City. A quick look at the bottom told him that it was Alston who gave the order.

"What the hell is the crown prince doing? The right-wing defensive line has ten thousand soldiers available.

" said Rocky casually.

"Really?" Isis exclaimed in surprise. She was starting to realize that maybe there was hope after all.

"They are all collected from the Myriad Beasts Ground..." A smirk started to form at the corners of Rocky's mouth, as he waited amusedly for Isis' reaction.

"Myriad... Myriad Beasts Ground! When did you go there?" Isis asked in surprise. Even the spirit manipulators of the Supernal Stage feared to set foot in the Myriad Beasts Ground. But now, it seemed that Rocky went there and survived.

"I have been there several times, although I almost died as many times too," Rocky said with amusement but in a self-deprecating way.

"That's not funny." Isis stared at him with a mixture of anger, worry, and fondness. She had always hated it when Rocky needlessly put his life in danger.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm fine now," Rocky immediately reassured her, although, from her expression, he could tell that she wasn't happy with him.

"Stop risking your life so needlessly. Promise me! Don't forget that you're not alone anymore," Isis said so seriously that Rocky couldn't say anything more.

He just nodded awkwardly, so Isis followed up with a light smile, "And if you don't have a place to keep your money, I can keep it for you."

Rocky burst into laughter at this and shook his head. "Can I say no?"

he asked with a bitter-sweet smile. There was no way that he would be a hen-pecked husband after all.

"Are you worried that I'll appropriate your money? I resent that," Isis protested with a slight frown, although her lips were being pulled into a smile.

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